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La'Von Gittens

Content Strategist

La'Von Gittens is a Content Strategist and is responsible for editing web pages and blog articles for grammar, style, and SEO opportunities, creating content concepts, and formulating marketing strategies at PaymentCloud. La'Von is experienced in creative writing, SEO, and marketing.


Gittens emphasizes the importance of the human touch in marketing content as the ultimate goal is to connect with the audience and solve their needs. He believes that combining advanced technologies with human empathy and skill can forge sharp solutions to complex issues. With the intuition and adaptability to tailor resonating content to diverse audiences, Gittens possesses a unique blend of industry knowledge, creativity, and digital marketing experience.


Gittens has over 9 years of writing and marketing experience. In addition to creative writing, Gittens brings technical skills to his position including Google Analytics, SEM Rush, Eloqua, MailChimp, Keyword Planner, and other digital marketing tool proficiency.
He looks forward to contributing his skills to PaymentCloud and exceeding company projections.

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