author photo: Eytan Raphaely

Eytan Raphaely

Content Coordinator

As a Content Coordinator at PaymentCloud, Eytan Raphaely has significantly elevated the company's content strategy. He skillfully addresses topics including digital marketing strategies, SEO, social media dynamics, eCommerce intricacies, and more, with a particular focus on integrating payment solutions seamlessly into business operations.

His journey in marketing began in Seattle, where he developed a knack for leveraging social media platforms for content creation and audience engagement. Before joining PaymentCloud, Eytan worked as a Senior Copywriter at SecureW2 in Seattle, where he played a pivotal role in generating leads through targeted email campaigns and SEO optimization.


Eytan Raphaely demonstrates exceptional skills in digital marketing, content creation, and SEO optimization. His experience in customer success roles has given him a deep understanding of credit card processing, and eCommerce systems. Eytan excels at dissecting complex technical processes and making them digestible through his content. His work often focuses on clarifying the intricacies of API integrations and optimizing eCommerce operations, blending his technical expertise with a marketing perspective.


Eytan completed his Bachelor's degree in Communications at the University of Washington and further honed his skills with a Master's in Creative Writing from the University of London.

His professional path began in Seattle, focusing on social media and content creation. His roles at SecureW2 and AJAC, and as an editorial contributor at Literally Media reflect his deep involvement in digital marketing. Eytan's connection to the entertainment and technology sectors in Los Angeles, coupled with his creative and technical writing skills has significantly contributed to his expertise in audience engagement and brand development.

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