Amanda Justice

Amanda Justice is an LA-based Content Strategist and Copy Editor at PaymentCloud. She helps with content creation and strategizing, editing and proofreading, and researching fintech topics to educate businesses on how PaymentCloud can best serve them.

Amanda’s experience incorporating SEO into her writing is rooted in her education, which includes a Master’s in New Media Journalism from Full Sail University. Here she learned the importance of sourcing information, researching, and keyword implementation. Her undergraduate degree in English encouraged her love of analyzing language and taught her the impact of words in making connections.

Not only does she enjoy writing stories, particularly in the dark fantasy and horror genres, but she also likes reading them along with a romance novel here and there. She is happy to watch a good mystery or play RPG and otome games when not working with words. Everything she does for work allows her to spoil her half Maine Coon, Sadie.

Along with writing, Amanda specializes in editing manuscripts and blogs to piece them back together as something new and improved. She excels at detail-oriented tasks and gives constructive feedback to content creation teams, writers, and topic creators. She bases her feedback on her love of the written word, storytelling, and familiarity with SEO elements.

Amanda’s journalism education initially got her into writing articles and blogs, covering local events like the 2019 West Hollywood Pride Opening Ceremony. The program allowed her to learn how to conduct extensive research on a variety of topics–from the importance of emotional support animals to diversity in media. After graduating, she embarked on her freelance journey, editing manuscripts, ghostwriting short stories and novels of all genres, SEO blog auditing, working as a lexicographer (look it up in your dictionary!), and copywriting. Her portfolio covers topics from lifestyle to history to real estate to SaaS. Her work has been featured in The Tempest, The Good Men Project, Gothic Fantasy: Bodies in the Library Anthology, Speculate This, and more. She is always looking to grow as a writer; all her work and life experiences contribute to that.

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