Enhance Your Enterprise with Salesforce

PaymentCloud's merchant services seamlessly integrate with Salesforce, finally allowing organizations to connect with their customers in a whole new way. Businesses will discover a wealth of new prospects, secure more lucrative deals, and impress customers with this exceptional cloud-based duo.

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      • Customizable payment solutions
      • Cloud-based with strong security features
      • Reliable analytics and reporting tools
      • Comprehensive integration options

      Unlock Your Business Potential & Boost Efficiency with Our Salesforce Integration

      Supercharge your business operations by combining the impressive capabilities of Salesforce and PaymentCloud. By integrating PaymentCloud’s payment solutions inside Salesforce's CRM platform, you’ll gain a powerful advantage over the competition. With access to a holistic view of customer interactions, sales performance, and financial data, you can elevate customer experiences, increase conversion rates, and drive future business growth.

      Map Directly With Your Custom Fields

      Unified Automation Across All Products

      By accepting payments inside of Salesforce, you’ll streamline the sales process with cutting-edge automation capabilities that allow you to save time, reduce manual efforts, and improve productivity in the workplace.

      Centralized Customer Data

      With a 360-degree view of how your clientele engages with your business, you’ll build deeper, more meaningful customer relationships that stimulate your business’s development.

      Real-Time Sales Insights

      Efficiently manage leads, opportunities, and sales pipelines to stay ahead of the competition.

      You’ll obtain a panoramic perspective of your business so you can monitor customer behavior, pinpoint opportunities for enhancement, and propel your business forward!

       Utilize All SAP Versions
      Supply Chain Management

      Innovative Analytics and Reporting Features

      Gain valuable insights into your sales, marketing, and customer data with advanced analytics and reporting resources. With customizable dashboards and pre-built reports, you’ll make all the right decisions for your business based on insightful data.

      Add PaymentCloud as another layer to the Salesforce’s omni-platform solutions, including:

      • Salesforce CRM
      • Salesforce Marketing Cloud
      • Salesforce Pardot




      Cost Savings

      Cost Savings

      Looking to give your processing costs a much-needed trim? PaymentCloud has helped thousands of merchants save money on their processing and can help you too! Contact us today for a savings estimate.

      Top Security

      Top Security

      Protect your business like a pro with PaymentCloud's top-notch safety features. Tokenization, encryption, and fraud detection come standard, but customized options are available for the needs of your business.

      One-on-One Support

      Our in-house support team designs industry-specific solutions because a one-size-fits-all approach just doesn’t work. We can help you get the service and support you need at a fraction of the cost of the other guys, so you can start accepting payments inside Salesforce in no time.

      One on One Support

      What Our Merchants Say

      Serious merchants turn to PaymentCloud. With a proud average of 4.8 stars across all review sites, PaymentCloud is excelling in solutions and support. But don’t take our word for it! Here’s what our merchants have to say: