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Managing a business that handles thousands of sales a month and high-ticket transactions requires high volume transaction processing. As your business continues to grow and scale, ensuring you have the ability to process sales and payments is imperative. That being said, your high volume business may be considered too risky for standard payment processors to offer you a merchant account.

Obtaining a high volume merchant account not only eliminates risks, but gives you the opportunity to continue processing as many transactions as necessary. Working with us, one of the largest payment processors by volume is a surefire way to continue running your business smoothly.

Why High Volume Businesses Are High Risk

Businesses that deal with a high volume of transactions or sales that are in the thousands are considered high risk by standard payment processors. Standard payment processors do not typically process for businesses considered high risk or high volume. Some of the reasons a standard payment processor such as Paypal, Stripe, or Square will not approve a high risk business include:

  • Increased Transactions: If your business generates a high volume of transactions, your payment processor must be capable of handling them. A standard and low volume payment processor may be caught off guard by the number of transactions you are processing.
  • Higher Chargeback Rates: Any business dealing with hundreds or thousands of transactions each day is taking on a big risk. Businesses with more sales and transactions generally have a greater chargeback rate. Chargeback rates can scare standard payment processors away. Using a high risk merchant account is a way to alleviate any fears associated with losing your account.
  • Fraudulent Claims: As your business continues to expand, it is likely that you will experience an increase in fraudulent claims. As fraudulent claims rise, payment processors are skeptical of providing individuals with merchant accounts.

Risks of Using a Standard Payment Processor

When using a standard payment processor, or a low volume credit card processing service, your business may be at risk. A low volume credit card processing service such as Paypal or Stripe is not prepared or willing to accept a high volume of transactions.

As businesses scale and begin to sell more items or generate more cash flow, it is important to seek out the largest credit card processors by volume to protect your company. When you choose to use a standard merchant account, you may be at risk of having your account frozen, flagged, investigated, or even terminated. In many cases, standard payment processors are not required to provide a warning of any freezing or termination of accounts. If your account is unexpectedly terminated or frozen, you can no longer conduct business using your merchant account.

Advantages of a High Volume Payment Gateway

Working with the largest payment processors by volume and obtaining a merchant account is a way to protect your ability to conduct business. Keep these advantages in mind when searching for a high risk merchant account that is right for you:

  • Prevent Disruptions: Using a merchant account designed for high volume businesses allows you to conduct business without interruption. Avoid having your account flagged or frozen while conducting business and processing transactions with a high risk merchant account.
  • Widespread Support: Working together with the largest payment processors is a way to gain additional support as an entrepreneur. A high risk payment processor is more willing to support its clients and users than standard payment processors.
  • Minimize Risk: Minimize the risk you take on with your business with a high risk merchant account. While a standard payment processor may disable or terminate your account anytime, a high risk merchant service provider will not. A high risk payment processor will work on your behalf to ensure the continued operation of your business. With a merchant account that is designed specifically with high volume companies in mind, gain peace of mind while processing transactions.

Applying for a High Volume Merchant Account

Applying for a high risk merchant account requires you to submit personal information such as your name, mailing address, SSN, and even your tax ID (if applicable). You may also be required to submit banking information for both your personal and business bank accounts, depending on how long you have been in operation. Additionally, it may also be necessary to showcase your company's online or offline presence to prove your existence during the application process.

Running a business that deals with a high volume of transactions in any industry can cause disruptions. With a standard merchant account, disruptions and earning issues are extremely common. By working with the largest credit card processors by volume, provide your customers with more options while increasing the amount of revenue you generate. With the right high volume merchant account, continue to grow your business without being hindered by rules and regulations.

Partnering with PaymentCloud for High Volume

Working with our dedicated group of account representatives is a great way to secure a safe and secure high volume merchant account. They get to know your business’ needs and have the infrastructure to get you set up with any integrations and fraud prevention tools. This will guarantee that your merchant account will stand the test of time.

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