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Where to Start to Get Semi Truck Financing

If you need capital to purchase a semi-truck or any other commercial vehicle, semi-truck financing is a perfect solution. By using a commercial loan to offset the initial cost of a new truck, your business can continue offering services to clients without any financial hurdles. Unlike other types of business loans, semi-truck loans can be secured against the value of the commercial truck you purchase. This type of secured loan makes it easier to access financing.

At PaymentCloud, it's our goal to make semi-truck financing simple and accessible for our clients. We partner with multiple loan providers to offer quick approval timeframes, hassle-free applications, and a host of other benefits.

If you know what type of semi-truck you need to purchase, apply for one of our commercial truck loans today!

Lease vs. Loan: Which Is Best for you?

Unless you have the capital to pay for the entire truck upfront, you will need to choose between a lease or a loan. Both of these funding options allow you to reduce the upfront burden of buying a new semi-truck. However, there are a few core differences that can impact your business:

SBA Loans

You don't own the truck with a lease:

With a lease, you are borrowing a truck from a leasing company. This means that you have to return the truck at the end of the lease. With a truck loan, you can keep your vehicle after paying it off. It is an asset for your business. However, this also means you will be responsible for repairs, etc.

Banks & Credit Unions

A lease has more flexible length terms:

If you only want a truck for a short period, then a truck lease will give you flexible terms. It will be much cheaper to rent a truck than to purchase one if your business only needs it for a few months.


A lease may include restrictions on truck use:

Leasing companies often include restrictions on use, as they want to protect their asset. This means there will likely be guidelines in your lease contract, such as an limit on miles, restrictions on types of use, and more.

Online Lenders

The truck must be returned in original condition on a lease:

Your lease agreement will require you to fix any damages on the truck before returning it. Simple repairs on a leased truck can be costly but they may still be cheaper than the maintenance costs for a truck you own.

Overall, if you want full control over your truck and how your business uses it, it's best to purchase a truck. Regardless, make sure to assess the differences between truck leases and ownership before you make a decision.

Semi Truck Financing Requirements

Obtaining loans for a transport business can be difficult, especially if you don't have an extensive history as a business owner. When applying for a business loan with most traditional lenders, such as banks and credit unions, there may be strict lending criteria that rule out startups, new business owners, and those with low credit scores.

However, as trucking companies have assets like commercial trucks that can be used to secure loans, other lenders are willing to provide financing. At PaymentCloud, we connect our clients with a wide range of lending options that can help businesses expand their trucking fleets. Likewise, we understand how to find unique solutions for businesses that don't have access to traditional lending or funding channels.

Credit score requirements

At PaymentCloud, we have experience working with high-risk businesses. This means we can offer semi-truck loans to enterprises with a wide range of credit profiles, even those with low business credit scores.

Traditional lenders can be much more apprehensive about working with clients that have risky credit profiles.


Tip : In fact, many banks will have high credit score requirements that cannot be altered. We're here to find a solution to your commercial truck financing needs.

Commercial Truck Financing Rates

Finding a lender that provides affordable commercial truck financing rates is essential if you want your transport business to succeed. As a secured loan, our commercial truck financing rates are affordable for all our clients. Regardless of your credit profile, we'll work closely with you to ensure that loan rates are viable for your commercial trucking enterprise - we're an advocate for our clients.

Types of Semi Truck Loans and Financing

Let's take a look at the three types of semi-truck loans that you won't find at a traditional lender:

Loans to finance a semi-truck startup

Loans to finance a semi-truck startup

If you're starting a trucking company, accessing traditional lending can be difficult. Without existing assets and history as a business owner, most banks will turn you away. Fortunately, PaymentCloud can connect startups with loans that can be secured against the value of their commercial trucks.

Box truck financing

Box truck financing

If your transportation business wants to purchase a box truck, there are loans specific to this type of vehicle. At PaymentCloud, we make it easy to access box truck loans!

Truck loan for high mileage trucks

Truck loan for high mileage trucks

If you're buying a second-hand truck, there's a good chance it has a significant number of miles on the odometer. While some lenders steer clear of these ‘high-mileage’ vehicles, PaymentCloud can connect you with financing for high mileage trucks.

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Commercial Truck Loan FAQs

As providers of semi-truck financing, we receive many questions about commercial truck loans. Let's take a look at some of the questions our clients send us:

  • Can you get a truck loan with a bad credit score?

    Yes. As semi-trucks have high commercial value, you can use the value of the truck as collateral for the loan. Lenders are much more likely to offer loans to businesses with poor credit profiles if the loan is secured against the value of an asset.

  • Can you secure truck financing with a used truck?

    Yes. Commercial trucks can retain value over a number of years, meaning you can use a commercial truck loan to purchase a used semi-truck.

  • How many years can you finance a commercial truck?

    The length of a loan term will vary on many factors. Specifically for truck loans, the truck’s value and lender will be taken into consideration and can be between 1 and 7 years.

  • Do you need a commercial driver’s license to get semi truck financing?

    No. You do not need a commercial driver’s license (CDL) to get semi-truck financing. However, you will need a CDL to drive the semi-truck.

    If you're buying a truck for an employee to drive, they will need a CDL to drive.

  • What insurance is required for a truck loan?

    If you're securing your semi-truck loan against the value of your new truck, the lender will most likely require insurance. This is essential to avoid situations financially impacting your business and the viability of the loan.

    In most cases, you will need coverage for liability and physical damage for goods that you are transporting. You may also need bobtail coverage for instances in which your truck is not being used for business purposes and general liability insurance to protect your entire company. Make sure to ask your lender about insurance requirements before you agree to a loan. You will need to make sure you can afford your insurance costs in addition to your loan payments.

Guaranteed Semi Truck Financing with PaymentCloud

At PaymentCloud, we are dedicated to helping businesses source business funding regardless of their credit profile or business history. We strive to keep the application process as simple as possible.

If you're seeking guaranteed commercial truck financing to purchase semi-trucks, it's time to apply for a loan through our trusted providers. We're here to make finance accessible for commercial trucking companies. There's never been a better time to upgrade your fleet!

Secure Semi Truck Funding with PaymentCloud

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