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Equipment loans to keep up with the times.

Funding the purchase of major equipment is a costly endeavor without the help of equipment financing. Company cars, office furniture, computer parts, heavy machinery, and a multitude of other things are a necessity that can really take a toll on your business. That is why we offer equipment financing for startups, small businesses, and entrepreneurs. Equipment lending is the buoy to keep you afloat.

Commercial equipment loans are a secure way to purchase the large inventory that you need without the undue stress weighing on your business. You can continue to run your business and pay back the equipment financing as you go.

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Financing secured for our clients

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Small Business Equipment Loans

Most businesses use some form of business funding when purchasing new equipment, but the smaller you are, the more daunting those price tags look.

But, there is no more need to worry, business equipment financing is the best solution to this predicament. By using alternative financing methods such as equipment loans, you can continue to work and spread out the repayment for what works best in your company. Business equipment loans support small businesses by keeping necessary equipment affordable.

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How to Secure Equipment Loans for Bad Credit

Even if your credit score is less than favorable, it is still possible to obtain equipment financing. Our capital partners specialize in being able to provide equipment loans for bad credit to businesses who fall into this category. They help you get a loan that works for you, not against you.

Two Types of Business Equipment Financing

There are 2 main types of equipment financing that businesses can take advantage of: Equipment Loans and Equipment Leasing. Each of these business equipment financing options is slightly different, so it’s important to understand the details of each.

Equipment Loans

This equipment financing product allows you to obtain the capital necessary to purchase equipment for your business and uses the equipment itself (the asset) as collateral should you default on the loan payments.

It is typical for the repayment period to be 10 years or more and for a loan of up to 80%-100% of the equipment value to be provided. But, lenders offering 80% of equipment value for a small business equipment loan is the most common. This means a business owner will still need to make a substantial down payment to get the loan.

Interest Rates for Commercial Equipment Loans

There are a few factors that directly influence the interest rate a business equipment financing lender will offer and whether or not the borrower will be approved. These include:

  1. Business credit score
  2. Time the business has been operating
  3. How long the equipment is expected to hold its value
  4. The loan term length

Benefits of Equipment Loans

Some of the benefits of securing an equipment loan rather than leasing equipment are:

Equipment Leasing

Business equipment financing covers more than just loans to purchase equipment. In situations where the business does not have enough funds to make the down payment for a loan, or needs equipment that needs to be replaced regularly, equipment leasing is an attractive option.

Equipment Leasing Interest Rates

Equipment leasing is an attractive equipment financing alternative to buying expensive technology outright. Depending on the cost of the equipment, interest rates can vary.

  1. For equipment leasing under $100,000 rates can range from 8%-20%
  2. For equipment leases over $100,000 interest can range from 6%-10%

Benefits of Equipment Leasing

For many entrepreneurs, obtaining an equipment loan may not be a viable option. Leasing offers an array of benefits that can help make this type of equipment lending possible.

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Deciding if Commercial Equipment Financing is Best for Your Business

Which equipment financing option to choose is completely up to you and your business needs. On one hand, equipment loans allow you to be able to obtain the capital needed to purchase the equipment your company will use for many years to come. At the end of the repayment term, the equipment belongs to you and becomes a useful asset.

On the other hand, if you do not desire to own the equipment or have to worry about how much value it will lose over time, then leasing is a viable equipment financing alternative that can provide you with equipment rather quickly without the need for cash.

With both options, the fact that you can obtain equipment without the need to put your business line of credit or working capital on the line is a great benefit to many. Business equipment financing can be used for new or used equipment and loan options are generally quite flexible.

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