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Asset based lenders that care about your business

Our asset based lending brokers are the best at supporting your business with an asset based loan. An asset based loan is a loan that uses your business’s assets as collateral.

Companies looking to maximize their borrowing capacity find an abl loan as an attractive funding option because of it’s typically lower interest rates and higher chance of approval.

Using asset based loans, a company can get access to immediate working capital by putting up assets like accounts receivable , inventory, and equipment. This enables companies to remain liquid and still qualify to receive funding.

Financing secured for our clients


Financing secured for our clients

DBusiness we’ve helped grow


Business we’ve helped grow

Lending Experience

50 years

Lending Experience

Average funding time

24 hrs

Average funding time

Why Choose an Asset Based Financing Company?

There are several reasons a business would consider applying for a business loan , especially an asset backed loan, over capital-based lending options. The goal of ABL loans is to turn a company’s assets found on their balance sheet to cash that can be used in other areas of the business and allow overall growth. A business may choose to use an ABL loan to:

  1. Raise capital for business acquisitions
  2. Replace the need for a personal guarantee by pledging collateral
  3. Improve cash flow by refinancing existing debt
  4. Bolster risk mitigation if business cash flow is not adequate to receive a loan
  5. Raise capital to help with purchasing inventory
  6. Handle seasonal or cyclical pressures
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Keep Your Business Covered with an ABL Loan

PaymentCloud can get you approved today for an asset backed loan, and anytime you need additional financing, we’re here to help. Their multi-loan approval ensures that they have your back every time.

Collateral Options for Asset Based Lending

There are many different types of collateral options available to a company in need of an ABL loan. But, some collateral options are weighed heavier than others. Here are the common types of collateral that are used to back asset based loans:

Recently Funded Businesses



Working Capital

Transportation Company


Bridge Loan



Merchant Cash Advance

Bar Restaurant


Line of Credit

PPE Wholesale

Types of Businesses that Benefit from Asset Based Lending Companies

There are other reasons that a business would consider asset based loans. Companies during certain times in their life cycle may also seek out an ABL loan to achieve certain goals.

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