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As one of the leading payment gateway service providers, offers affordable solutions to businesses of all sizes. PaymentCloud proudly offers our clients, one of the most popular, trusted, and high-quality payment gateways on the market today. With an payment gateway, you can:

  • Connect your mobile swiper
  • Simplify checkout
  • Automate recurring billing
  • Implement advanced fraud detection

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What Is

An gateway—widely referred to as an “authnet gateway”—is a credit card terminal that integrates with your website, enabling you to accept online payments seamlessly. Payment gateways serve to encrypt, authorize, and aid in processing credit card transactions. As such, a gateway is required for businesses planning to accept credit card transactions completely online or over the phone

As a subsidiary of Visa, is backed by one of the largest credit card networks in the world. With Visa's backing, it will surely continue its reign as a leading payment gateway provider that delivers state-of-the-art security to businesses. payment gateway feature checklist
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Why You Need with a Merchant Account

Payment gateways and merchant accounts are different, yet equally essential tools for payment processing. As previously mentioned, payment gateways aid in the secure back-end transmission of transaction funds. Meanwhile, merchant accounts are a particular type of bank account to which transaction funds are transferred. As a business owner, you need a merchant account and a payment gateway to accept credit card payments online or remotely.

At PaymentCloud, we not only provide you with an gateway, but also the merchant account best suited to meet your business’s specific needs. Equipped with the necessary tools, you’ll be able to offer your customers a convenient, reliable, and secure payment experience.


Note : The term “payment gateway” is interchangeable with “merchant gateway,” “payment portal,” or “credit card gateway.”

How Does Authnet Payment Gateway Work?

Date Updated: 2022-07-08T09:00:00-07:00

By transmitting transaction information through the HTTPS protocol, authnet gateways quickly and securely communicate sensitive data to the appropriate parties. In exchange for this top-grade protection, each transaction your gateway transmits is subject to a fee. It’s a small price to pay to safeguard your business’s and customers’ financial data.

When your customer makes a purchase via your business’s eCommerce website or through the manual key-in method, captures and authorizes the transaction. After which, the transaction is verified and approved. Finally, the transaction funds are transferred from the issuing bank to the acquiring bank, at which point they’ll be deposited into your merchant account.

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Other manual key-in (aka card-not-present transaction) methods include:

over the phone

Over the Phone

Through the Mail

Through the Mail

Through Email

Through Email

Typed Into Your Online Gateway by Your Customers

Typed Into Your Online Gateway by Your Customers

Typed Into Your Tabletop Card Terminal

Typed Into Your Tabletop Card Terminal

As the merchant, you can assess these transactions on the interface. Within this interface, you can configure account settings, review transaction history, and evaluate real-time reports. As such, you can manage transactions online through a secure interface at any hour of the day. Payment Gateway Features

The above explained the basic, essential function of payment gateways in payment processing. However, gateways include the following features:

  • 24/7 payment processing
  • Built-in virtual terminal
  • Advanced fraud detection
  • Real-time transaction reporting
  • Automated recurring billing
  • Invoice management
  • Simplified checkout
  • Ability to connect mobile swipers
  • Account updater
  • Customer information manager

With these practical features, among many others, your authnet gateway can be tailored to address your business’s current needs, as well as new needs arising as your business grows.

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Built-In Virtual Terminal’s built-in virtual terminal enables businesses to facilitate online payments. Additionally, an authnet virtual terminal allows you to manually submit keyed-in credit card or digital payment information. Refunds may also be issued through a virtual terminal.

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Simple Invoicing

Simple invoicing is a process whereby businesses can create and send invoices to their customers electronically, without the need for paper or other physical documents. With’s simple invoicing system, your customer is transported to a PCI-compliant form to complete payment. This feature is a convenient, secure solution for businesses that regularly bill customers.

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Single + Recurring Billing

With, you have the option of billing customers on a single basis or enrolling customers into automatically recurring payments. With single billing, also known as one-time billing, your customers are charged once for the product or service you provided. Meanwhile, recurring billing is a type of subscription-based payment in which customers are charged on a continuous basis for access to a product or service. Typically, automated recurring billing is scheduled to bill on a monthly or annual basis.

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Account Updater’s account updater feature automatically updates credit cards on file, keeping subscription information up-to-date for recurring subscriptions. Ensuring transactions do not decline due to outdated card information, you may not realize just how much you need this feature until you have it.

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Advanced Fraud Detection Suite's Advanced Fraud Detection Suite (AFDS) is a set of tools designed to protect eCommerce and mail order/telephone order (MOTO) transactions from fraudulent activity.

AFDS tools aim to proactively prevent fraud based on the following:

1. Velocity: This filter analyzes the speed at which transactions take place to detect patterns of behavior that may indicate fraudulent activity. You can customize daily and hourly limits to control your business’s number of allowable transactions per customer.

2. Shipping Address: This system checks whether a customer's shipping address is valid before authorizing a purchase. Customers’ addresses are validated through a database of known addresses. If the address is not found, the transaction declines.

3. IP Address: You may block transactions submitted from IP addresses known to be the source of suspicious or fraudulent transactions. When a transaction is submitted from a blocked IP address, the transaction automatically declines.

4. Transaction: The issuing bank confirms the accuracy of information provided by the customer. If the issuing bank determines the provided information is inaccurate or meets criteria indicating suspicious activity, the transaction declines.

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Supports Level II & III Processing

Level II & III processing is a method of payment processing requiring more detailed transaction information. This may include information such as applicable sales taxes, shipping charges, and purchase order numbers. Level II and Level III transactions are considered more secure due to the additional information provided. As such, transactions channeled through Level II and Level III processing typically qualify for lower credit card processing rates, increasing your business’s bottom line.

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Connect EMV Card Readers’s selection of hardware includes devices equipped with EMV chip technology. Additionally, offers mobile card readers that enable you to accept credit and debit card payments on the go! Of their mobile options, the most popular devices are the BBPOS Chipper and the Magtek USB swiper. Both of these readers are PCI compliant, capable of encryption, and integrated with’s virtual point-of-sale (VPOS) system.

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Our application and approval process makes it easy to get set up with a merchant account and start accepting payments.

roket icon Fees & Gateway Billing Charges

three people sitting at table discussing gateway fees charges a fee per transaction, as well as a monthly service fee to cover the cost of maintaining and monitoring your account. Additionally, some of their features, such as the account updater, are only available at an additional cost.

Whether you’re launching a startup or maintaining a large-scale operation, we understand that every penny counts. When you partner with PaymentCloud, you receive a bundled package including a merchant account and an account. We ensure your customized package offers access to features applicable to your operations and incurs the most cost-effective rates available for your business model. API Integrations & Developer Tools

With’s application programming interface (API), you can accept payments, store customer data, and even set up recurring billing through your business website within minutes. also offers API developer guides through which you can integrate alternative payment methods, program data reports, and connect to various fundamental features.

Additionally, has a developer forum dedicated to API and integration questions should you or your developer run into errors. Through this forum, you can access answers to frequently asked questions, information related to maintenance notifications, and community discussions.

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Authnet is compatible with 1,000s of platforms and shopping carts

As the industry standard,’s payment gateway integrates with over 1,000 platforms. Companies like Shopify, eBay, and SurveyMonkey integrate seamlessly with for a smoother payment processing experience. sandbox

If developer guides and forums aren’t enough integration support, also offers a sandbox account with which you can test your API integrations. Your sandbox account is for testing purposes. As such, it neither allows transactions to process nor connects to a merchant account. AIM vs CIM

Through the Advanced Integration Method (AIM) for connecting your business website to your gateway, you can customize your payment form and receipt page via a Secure Sockets Layer (SSL) connection. Additionally, you may also use modern API connections referenced in’s developer guide.

Meanwhile,’s Customer Information Manager (CIM) allows you to store sensitive customer data on secure servers compliant with PCI regulations. This feature is especially useful to businesses with returning customers and/or recurring billing.

Supported Payment Types & Currency supports merchants located in the United States, Canada, the United Kingdom, and Europe. If you are based in the aforementioned supported locations, you may accept international payments from any location. Though, you should ensure the fraud settings on your account allow for international payments.

Additionally, your payment processor determines limitations on the number of acceptable international transactions, as well as additional fees associated with those transactions. Thankfully, PaymentCloud can connect merchants to payment processors specializing in international payments. Customer Service & Technical Support customer service representative talking to customer on the phone is committed to providing the highest quality customer support possible. Its team of experienced customer support representatives is available 24/7 to answer your questions and resolve your issues. You may reach’s support team at 1-877-447-3938.

How to Set up an Account

To get started, simply reach out to PaymentCloud! We can set you up with a merchant account and an account. Once approved, our support team will guide you through each step of how to accept payments. You’ll be processing in no time!

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Is safe? is one of the most popular payment processors in the world—and for good reason! The company offers a secure and reliable platform that businesses can rely on.

Is PCI compliant?

Yes, is PCI compliant. It has partnered with SecurityMetrics to ensure its products meet all industry standards regarding security and data protection. Additionally, offers a wide range of features that help businesses protect their customers' data, including fraud detection and prevention, data encryption, and tokenization.

Who owns was founded in 1996. In 2010, Visa, Inc. acquired for $2 billion. Currently, it is a subsidiary of Visa.

How does help high-risk merchants? acts as a high-risk payment gateway with partners like PaymentCloud, a merchant service provider specializing in high-risk industries. Our partnership has helped thousands of businesses accept credit card payments. employee on phone and typing on computer

How long does take to deposit money?’s payment gateway simply transfers transaction information. Your payment processor is the party that deposits transaction funds into your account, typically within 1-3 business days.

Is a payment gateway or payment processor? is a payment gateway. Your payment processor connects to your authnet gateway. Your payment gateway and payment processor work in tandem to complete transactions.

graphic showing gateway transaction flow from gateway to funds being deposited

How much does charge overall?

How much charges depends on the features required for your business. For example, fraud security features may come at an additional cost. But when you partner with PaymentCloud, we provide you with a bundled, cost-effective package. This includes a merchant account and an account at a significantly lower price than what our competitors offer.

What is used for? transmits sensitive data to your payment processor. Because a website alone does not have the proper infrastructure to transmit transaction information securely, integrating with is necessary if you want to accept online payments. Additionally, may be used as a secure mechanism through which you can manually enter transactions for processing.

Does integrate with Shopify?

Yes, integrates with Shopify seamlessly.

Does support ACH payments?

Yes, allows you to accept ACH payments. Additionally, PaymentCloud offers ACH payment solutions for many industry types.

Can I integrate with Quickbooks? is able to integrate with QuickBooks through either the Connex or Commerce Sync plugins. These data integration tools connect your accounting software to This is a great solution for businesses that want to automate payment processing and streamline business operations.

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