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Online Payment Gateway for Transportation Services

As a business, offering your customers payment flexibility through a moving company merchant account is key to boosting your profits. By doing this you are providing your clients with the freedom to pay from any location and with any type of card not present payment they want to use. Here at PaymentCloud, we understand the importance of providing this privilege to your clients, which is why we offer secure and confidential transportation services virtual terminals designed just for your needs.

By accepting credit card payments in addition to cash and checks, you’re not limited to your physical location. Customers can pay anywhere and you can accept payments anywhere- it’s a win-win.

Types of Moving Companies

As a moving company, you may travel locally or nationally, which is why we offer a secure online payment gateway for transportation services. There are various types of moving and transportation companies, including:

  1. Furniture Movers
  2. Commercial and Office Movers
  3. Residential Movers (Local and National)
  4. Local and Long-Distance Truckers
  5. International Moving Companies
  6. Couriers
  7. Motor Freight Carriers
  8. Self-Service Rentals
  9. Vehicle Rentals

Steps to Apply for a Moving Company Merchant Account

Before applying for moving company merchant services, it’s important to understand the requisites to increase your odds of approval.

1. Provide all Required Documentation

While undergoing the application process, the following information must be submitted to our underwriter as part of the process. This includes:

  1. Your Social Security Number (SSN) or Employee Identification Number (EIN)
  2. A valid government ID, such as a driver’s license
  3. Your most recent bank statements from the last three months
  4. If applicable, your most recent processing statements
  5. A pre-printed voided check or official letter from your bank

While providing this information doesn’t guarantee approval, it’s an essential and required part of the application process that may lead to approval of online payment processing for moving and transportation companies through PaymentCloud. We’re committed to providing a fast and simple application process to help you get started today!

2. Ensure the Safety and Security of Your Customers

One of the many responsibilities of our underwriters is to process your application thoroughly and efficiently. Because security is one of our leading priorities, we take a close look at your moving company merchant services application to ensure that your business will not pose a threat to the credit card information you receive. This, in addition to your website will give them a better understanding of what risk mitigation procedures, if any, you will need to implement.

Underwriters also look into financial records, such as credit scores, bank statements, and credit card processing history, if applicable. None of these pieces of information are deal breakers for the application, but will be looked at as a whole. Regardless, you will want to put your best foot forward to give yourself the best possible chance at obtaining credit card processing for moving and transportation services.

Increase Your Chances of Approval in 3 Steps:

  1. Pay off outstanding bills and debts
  2. Set aside some money in your bank accounts
  3. Clean up your credit history

3. Protect Against Chargebacks and Fraud

The moving and transportation industry has a proven track record with chargebacks and fraud when processing credit card transactions. This is partially due to user error, fraud, and improper website setup and managing. Luckily, there are ways to protect your business against credit card chargebacks proactively, but it is also worth a look into integrated protection solutions hooked up to your transportation services virtual terminal.

It is essential to keep the fraud ratio to a maximum of 2% otherwise account closure is a possibility. So, if your moving and transportation business is at risk, take the steps to protect yourself now before it is too late.

Find a Trustworthy Moving Company Merchant Account Provider

PaymentCloud is an innovative payment solutions provider offering safe and secure credit card processing for moving and transportation services. When you partner with us, you can rest assured we will provide security and reliability for your customers and robust, updated solutions for you. The API integrations we provide ensure a safe online payment gateway for transportation services, so you never have to worry about your clients’ information being compromised.

Talk to a Real Person

We’re dedicated to helping your moving or transportation company receive approval for your merchant account. By assigning a dedicated account representative, we ensure that the best possible solutions are provided to your business. This also helps post-approval for any questions regarding your account, reducing rates and fees, or handling any other inquiry that you may have.

We understand finding the best online payment processing for moving and transportation companies can be a difficult endeavor, but here at PaymentCloud, we’re here to help. We offer the best moving company merchant accounts with fast and secure payment processing online and in person. Open up your moving and transportation company to a world of possibilities.

Get started on credit card acceptance today with a PaymentCloud merchant account. Fill out the simple online application or give us a call to begin.

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Moving Company Merchant Account Integrations

PaymentCloud can get your online payment gateway for transportation services set up and running in no time with our quick and easy integrations into thousands of softwares that you already use. Whether you need a simple shopping cart hookup or you want to connect it to your accounting software, we have the ability to easily integrate into what you need. Never be held back by your processor again. To find out more about our full list of integrations, give us a call or send an email to your account manager.


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