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Find a Payment Processor For Your Network Security IT Business

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Technical support provides many different services and one of the most well-known is network security. The tech support industry is growing daily and continues to grow at a fast pace. According to Business Insider, $6 trillion is expected to be invested into the Internet of Things (IoT) and the ancillary services that support it over the next five years. There will also be over 24 billion IoT devices that are installed globally by 2020. So, if you are looking to open a tech support business anytime in the near future there is certainly room for expansion. In order to set up your tech support network security payment gateway, there are a few steps that you must follow to ensure your gateway is secure.

Network Security and Tech Support

When you hear the words network security the average person knows it has something to do with keeping their computer safe. But it encompasses so much more than that. Network security is the process where software and physical measures are implemented to protect the infrastructure of a network from misuse, unauthorized access, destruction, modification or improper disclosure, thereby making a secure platform for electronics. In other words, hackers cannot get to the computer or network if the security is good. This is what those in technical support network security provide for their clients.

Types of Network Security IT BusinessesFemale tech support consulting

  • Wireless Security– With mobile office and communication growing fast it is important to have network security for access points and networks. Wired networks are more secure than wireless ones so the security of wireless networks has to be strong. 
  • Email Security– We know that email is very important for both personal and business accounts. After all, email gateways are the number one threat for a breach of security. Security measures to protect email security are something that is needed by everyone and tech support personnel is relied upon to provide it. 
  • Anti-Malware and Antivirus Software– These types of software protect against viruses, malware, and spyware. Malware can be super dangerous because it can hide in your computer for weeks before getting ready to spring.  The software scans files to make sure nothing is slipping through the cracks or sitting waiting to attack. 
  • NAC (Network Access Control)– Simply put, this is what controls who can enter the actual network. NAC allows for control over the network and who can actually access the areas. Analytic tools also allow for being able to identify both abnormal and normal behavior.

Providing Network Security

Nearly every business worldwide uses computers and the internet. Every new business that opens will need network security and this is a great thing for those who work in tech support. As a technical support provider, you do not have to be the business that actually put the network security into place. If a business has a breach of security they will call the first trustworthy tech support company that they can find. The only reason a business or customer would not get outside tech support is if they have an in-house team.

Tips to get you started

Starting a new network security business will open up opportunities to expand as the industry grows. Just be sure that you are equipped with what you need before you get started.

  • Know the Business

It goes without saying that you will need to know how network security works. All too many times individuals will jump into the industry and not make a profit because it was more involved than what was expected. Provide a service that is actually necessary and the clients will come. Also, be aware of the industry standards and make an effort to keep up with them.

  • Choose a Sector

New tech support businesses have the choice of providing services directly to businesses or to individual customers. There is a need for tech support network security in both areas. A technical support company can provide help in both areas.

  • Price your Services

This is one of the most important things to know before taking on the first customer. Not sure what to charge? Begin by checking out other tech support businesses in your area and online. Different services will cost different prices. A quick fix that takes 30 minutes will cost less than the support that takes several hours. Pricing hourly, per project, or with a subscription style billing platform will all depend on how you choose to run your business.

online payment gateway
  • Accept all Payment Types

Most (if not all) of your payments will be made through an online gateway. Because of this, you’ll need the ability to accept all types of card payments: credit, debit, and/or ACH should be looked into. Although there may be customers that pay with debit or ACH, you will find the majority will want to use their credit cards. To do this, you will need to secure a merchant account that supports your industry type. This is where you will want to do your research. The problem in opening a merchant account is that traditional banks consider network security in tech support and IT high risk. This leads to merchants having a harder time securing online credit card processing. Additionally, you’ll need to consider whether you will need to support B2B payment processing.

IT and Tech Support Payment Gateway

There are great technical support companies that are legitimate and honest. Sadly, even honest companies can have trouble securing merchant accounts with traditional banks. Why is this? Because of the fraudulent label that is associated with tech support companies. Tech support scams are still running rampant and the FTC has a page on the website explaining to consumers and businesses how to protect themselves. 

Two other issues that make it hard to secure a tech support merchant account with banks are chargebacks and fraud

Chargebacks are when a customer wants a refund for the provided services and reaches out to their bank for it instead of the business. When the customer bypasses the company that provided the service and directly contacts the bank it can cause issues with the merchant account. By accumulating too many chargebacks, the merchant account can be closed without warning. This is why it is so important to mitigate the risks of disputes on your account early on.

Fraud can take place in many forms. A stolen credit card could be used to make a payment over the phone. Customers can repeatedly file chargebacks against the company using different credit cards. Or, the credit card is maxed out and unable to process transactions after you have already provided the service. 

First Steps to a Merchant Account

Start your journey to a tech support merchant account by first understanding how to mitigate the risks of your industry type. Then proceed to find payment gateway providers that will be able to provide you a high risk merchant account provider for tech support. By receiving a merchant account for technical support, you can effectively provide a secure way for customers to pay online for your services.

The industry is growing and in order to grow with it, ensure that you can capture all customer types. Providing options for debit, credit, and ACH payment processing gives your customers the option to choose how they pay. High risk credit card processors have the ability and structure to take on the technical support and IT industry. By providing the risk management procedures that you need, you have a better chance to continue growing uninterrupted.