An estimated 217 million people in the US are online shoppers. That alone shows that Americans are expecting to be able to conduct business completely online. Online merchants and businesses are adopting payment gateway systems in keeping up with these consumer trends.

A payment gateway is basically a credit card terminal used online. The gateway solution serves to encrypt, process and authorize a credit card transaction. The payment gateways are required whenever your business is planning to manage credit card transactions completely online. The term, “payment gateway,” is interchangeable with merchant gateway, payment portal or credit card gateway.

The most important benefit to having a payment gateway solution is the security. The secure PCI compliant solution decreases risks of breaches that are tied to credit card fraud. Any business that processes credit card information must comply with PCI regulations. This is because the PCI compliant technologies protect consumers from criminal activity.

What happens during a transaction using a payment gateway?

Payment gateways complete transactions through HTTPS protocol. It transmits privileged information securely and enables real-time payments online. The solution assesses a small fee for each transaction being completed online.

The Authorize.Net Payment Gateway is available 24/7 for the merchant’s convenience. This means that companies can securely manage customer transactions online with minimum exposure to fraud risks. All transactions can be monitored by a specialized log in a secure interface. Within this interface, you can configure account settings, review transaction history, and develop reports.

What are the advantages of having an Authorize.Net Payment Gateway?

All of the necessary transactions can be performed without any specialized software. The solution can be customized to meet specific website needs. As a merchant, you want to be able to accept payments around the clock online in a secure environment, and our solution allows you to do just that. With our solution, you can avoid duplicative transactions, which result in expensive chargeback fees. You can manage, report, monitor and verify all credit card transactions completely online within one solution.

Our Authorize.Net Payment Gateway solution is available to merchants who want to create a safe, PCI compliant solution for their customers. The secure environment provided is easily implemented and is especially designed to minimize risks of fraud. The cost-effective solution can be customized to fit the needs of the merchant and any website requirements.

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