PaymentCloud’s Top Executives Come Together to Create a Powerhouse in High-Risk Payment Processing Solutions

PRESS RELEASE: APR 23, 2019 16:45 EST

The executive heads at PaymentCloud, a leading payment processing company adept at securing hard-to-place merchant accounts, are building a brand based on the happiness and success of their merchants. Shawn Silver, CEO, and Chelsie Cooper, South-East Regional President, comprise the go-getting team with a scalable infrastructure and decades of combined experience in the space. The need for a merchant account provider of this sort was born from the swell in high risk business owners finding it increasingly difficult to receive credit card processing for their company both retail and e-commerce.

Cooper has been immersed in the industry of hard-to-place merchant account providers since birth. Her father created his own ISO and inadvertently introduced her to the world of payments, instilling in her a drive for success. She sat down to discuss her passion for the space, “I have an internal fire to achieve” explains Cooper, “I had to grind it out and be pretty gritty when it comes to learning the skills and becoming a specialist in this space, and doing the same thing again and again and again to perfect it.”

Matching her determination with his own, Silver initiated the partnership and added his expertise in high-risk payments and mitigation to the mix. About creating PaymentCloud, Silver lamented on his eagerness to jump back into the industry, “I was just ready to go back into business and be creative again. I enjoy building things and I enjoy being able to create something at work.” From the beginning of his journey in merchant services, Shawn has loved the intensity and challenge of handling high risk accounts. The strict underwriting, risk reduction, and innovative integrations require a heightened attention and allowed for creative problem-solving to thrive.

In their relationship moving forward, Silver divulges that “Our goals are aligned and I’m really looking forward to accomplishing a lot of great things.” These two motivated and intelligent individuals complement each other seamlessly. Together, they will continue to accomplish momentous things because of their passion, energy, and strategic innovation.

About PaymentCloud

PaymentCloud has two locations, Sherman Oaks, CA and Miami, FL, which facilitate the growth of merchant businesses by ensuring reliability and ease-of-use. Their team works with a large ISO/Agent body allowing for over 80% of top digital ISOs to use their hard-to-place program, while the seamless submission and application processes allow clients to board merchants efficiently.

PaymentCloud's quality service, support, and knowledge assists clients in meeting marketing, legal, operational, service, and compliance requirements in order for them to maintain success in credit card processing.