PaymentCloud Teams Up With SUBTA to Bring Superior Payment Processing to Subscription Services

PRESS RELEASE: MAY 29, 2019 08:13 PDT

PaymentCloud, a leading merchant services provider at the forefront of high-risk payments, has partnered with SUBTA (Subscription Trade Association) to provide secure, compliant solutions for credit card processing to their repertoire of subscription-style merchants.

Subscription and continuity business owners are finding it increasingly more difficult to process online payments due to stricter rules and regulations associated with their high-risk accounts. The executives at PaymentCloud have taken it upon themselves to provide for this booming industry with the hope to be a cornerstone of knowledge to help support their business.

As of April 2019, Shawn Silver, PaymentCloud CEO, has been affiliated with this community of “innovators, entrepreneurs, thought leaders and dedicated teams that are eager to scale their businesses.” He is excited for the opportunity to also be a committee chairholder on the Data Analytics panel and provide insight from his unique angle. “PaymentCloud is enthusiastic to become a part of SubSummit this year and is exhibiting with a great amount of pride because of our new partnership with SUBTA. By moving forward and utilizing our technology and innovation to efficiently scale subscription and continuity businesses, I expect for PaymentCloud to become the leader in subscription payments moving forward,” says Silver.

This week is SUBTA’s premier subscription conference SubSummit in New Orleans, LA. From May 29 to the 31st, the leading experts in the subscription space will come together to help merchants start or scale their existing businesses. Ensuring that each of those merchants is informed and compliant, PaymentCloud will be in attendance with information and support.


Being the first and only association in the subscription industry, the Subscription Trade Association has become the undisputed leader in all things subscription. Bringing together a community of entrepreneurs, innovators, and leaders in the continuity space, SUBTA is dedicated to scaling the subscription industry to new heights. This discernable focus on high standards and ethics has already begun to shape the world of recurring revenue, and will continue to do so for years to come.

About PaymentCloud

PaymentCloud has two locations, Sherman Oaks, CA and Miami, FL, which facilitate the growth of merchant businesses by ensuring reliability and ease-of-use. Their team works with a large ISO/Agent body allowing for over 80% of top digital ISOs to use their hard-to-place program, while the seamless submission and application processes allow clients to board merchants efficiently. PaymentCloud's quality service, support, and knowledge assists clients in meeting marketing, legal, operational, service, and compliance requirements in order for them to maintain success in credit card processing.