NMI Payment Gateway API Solutions

NMI is one of the most robust payment gateway and virtual terminal solutions on the market. Since they are processor agnostic and compatible with various devices, they can integrate with many CRMs and shopping carts while offering open API and custom integrations.

  • Full-scale integration
  • Level III processing
  • Recurring payment capabilities
  • Omnichannel reporting
  • Security and PCI compliance
  • Payment facilitator enablement
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What is NMI?

NMI (Network Merchants Incorporated) is a feature-rich payment gateway that aims to simplify online and in-person transactions for businesses of all sizes by taking care of your digital transactions. Since there are many complex factors involved in setting up and maintaining an online payment gateway, NMI offers its customers an end-to-end solution that streamlines the entire experience.

NMI customizes solutions for your business, no matter if you operate online, in-person, or offer self-service EMV payments. This payment gateway gives you the flexibility to build what you and your business need. Manage all your channels on a single platform and present your brand with a gateway willing to help you secure new business.

How Does NMI Credit Card Processing Work?

NMI operates like a digital courier. It securely stores and moves information from the cardholder to the merchant’s bank through the HTTPS protocol. It transmits privileged information in a tokenized fashion, and enables real-time payments online, in-person, and over the phone, while assessing a small fee for each transaction.

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Your Preferred Payment Gateway Service Provider

In order to use a payment gateway, you must first get a merchant account. Once you've obtained your merchant account, you are ready to create an account with NMI. This can be handled by your payment processor or merchant service provider who will also facilitate the integration.

Please note: NMI will not work without a merchant account.Learn more about why you need a merchant account and what role it plays in accepting payments.

Features of an NMI Payment Gateway

NMI is a powerful payment gateway solution that continues to grow exponentially. NMI is regarded as one of the more tech-forward payment platforms on the market. Below are a few of their many features and benefits:

  • Over 125+ shopping cart integrations
  • Over 300+ EMV device certifications
  • Integrate with over 200+ processors
  • Facilitate true omni channel reporting
  • Multiple merchant identification (MID) number capabilities
  • Supports tokenization of cardholder data for subscription payments
  • Supports multi-currency conversions
  • Built-in virtual terminal
  • Supports all major payment types including Apple Pay and Google Pay
  • Create payment links via QR codes
  • Smart transaction routing between MIDs
  • Automatic card updater
  • Level III processing
  • QuickBooks plugin
  • Supports batch transaction processing
  • and much much more...
Online Payment Gateway

How to Integrate NMI Payment Gateway

Integration with the NMI payment gateway is handled in the admin section of your website's CMS and/or shopping cart. For instance, if you are a WooCommerce user, log in to your shopping cart's backend, go to the payments section and select NMI from the payment gateway dropdown menu. For custom websites or applications, NMI offers a full suite of API tools and a development sandbox.

Hundreds of shopping cart platforms already integrate with NMI, making setup a breeze. It's as easy as selecting NMI inside your shopping cart settings, entering your account details, and you're done!

Full Service Solutions



Want to move over cardholder data from a different merchant account and need help? PaymentCloud will manage the entire migration of contacts and subscriptions onto your new NMI payment gateway. You don’t need to put your business on hold.



Do you have an extensive site with custom needs, or an application that needs custom payment integration? Ask us about the developer toolbox with an open API. We also have ready-to-go plugins for popular platforms like Shopify and WooCommerce.


A stand alone merchant account is required. Payment aggregators like Stripe, Square, PayPal do not work, as these aggregators do not provide you with a MID.

NMI accepts all major credit cards including Visa, MasterCard, Discover, American Express, Diner’s Club, UnionPay, JCB, Google Pay and Apple Pay.

In addition to your credit card processing fees , NMI charges roughly $0.13 per transaction plus a monthly charge of $19.95 per month.

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