Travel Agency Merchant Account

A merchant account for your travel agency means you can easily accept international and high-volume transactions at an affordable rate. PaymentCloud provides:

  • Dedicated merchant support
  • Chargeback protection resources
  • Competitive processing rates
  • High-volume parameters
  • Reliable payment equipment
  • International currency solutions
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Merchant Services for Travel Agencies

If you own or operate a travel agency, it's critical to offer a range of convenient payment options to your clients. As many credit cards start to include travel benefits, such as insurance, air miles, and lounge access, travelers want to partner with agencies that offer seamless credit card processing.

The travel industry is considered high risk by many payment processing providers. At PaymentCloud, we offer affordable and dependable payment processing regardless of your industry type. We're here to help travel companies accept domestic and international payments with ease!

What is a Travel Agent Merchant Account?

A travel agent merchant account is an account that processes credit and debit card transactions for a travel-related company. If you want to offer convenient credit card transactions to your travel agency clients, a merchant account is a useful tool.

At PaymentCloud, our travel agent merchant accounts are built specifically for businesses operating in the travel industry. We can set you up with the right tools to help you take your travel agency to the next level!

An Overview of the Travel Industry

While defining the scale of the travel industry can be difficult, it was estimated that the global contribution to GDP provided by the travel and tourism industry was $4.5 trillion in 2020.

While there's no doubt that COVID-19 drastically impacted the travel industry and its participants, there's clear evidence that the appetite for tourism continues to grow as the pandemic recedes. Additionally, the pandemic created opportunities for local travel destinations to benefit from domestic tourism.

While we often think of large companies when we discuss the travel industry, there are also plenty of smaller travel-related businesses operating. For example, small agencies, local tour guides, restaurants, souvenir manufacturers, and a host of other small businesses also participate in the travel economy.

Unfortunately, the travel niche is exposed to various potential pitfalls. Pandemics, natural disasters, politics, wars, and other world events can all impact the profitability of the industry.

Our team at PaymentCloud has experience working within the travel niche. We understand the unique needs of travel agencies and other travel firms. Likewise, our team can build tailor-made solutions that cater to travel enterprises.

We support all types of travel businesses

At PaymentCloud, we pride ourselves on supporting a wide range of businesses. As we specialize in high-risk merchants, we're always ready to work with enterprises who would otherwise be turned away somewhere else. Below, let's explore some of the common travel companies we partner with at PaymentCloud:

  • Travel agencies
  • Airlines
  • Hotels & booking platforms
  • Group packages
  • Tour operators
  • Cruise companies
  • Train companies
  • Supplements & Capsules
  • Boat & Ferry rentals
  • Short term rentals
  • And more!

US and International Merchant Services for Travel Agencies

One challenge posed by the travel industry is the international nature of travel services and transactions. If you own a travel agency, you likely book trips abroad, which means the ability to process international payments and send invoices with your merchant account is necessary.

Whether you service an entirely domestic market or a mix of international and domestic clients, we're here to help. We offer both US and international travel agent merchant services.

Multi-currency travel payment processing

If your business accepts multiple currencies, you need a merchant account that's up to the task. Whether it's payments from vendors, clients, travel partners, or anyone else, you need a merchant account that can accept other currencies if you operate in international jurisdictions.

PaymentCloud can help process payments from around the world in many different currencies. Contact us today to learn more about the currencies we support!

Why are Travel Merchants Considered High Risk?

While it can be frustrating to work in an industry that is categorized as high risk, it's the reality for most travel companies operating in the United States. There are two primary reasons that merchant account providers label travel business as risky:


If a customer asks their card provider to refund a payment due to fraud, mis-sold products, or any other reason, this is called a chargeback. Chargebacks cause numerous issues for businesses as they can result in a loss of revenue and count as a strike against your merchant account. After too many chargebacks, a merchant account provider may rescind your account. Unfortunately, the travel industry does deal with many chargebacks.

One of the main causes is fraud. There is always the chance that the person booking your services is not the cardholder. This type of fraud can cost a travel business lots of money. It's critical to use fraud detection methods to ensure the cardholder is conducting the transaction.

Additionally, customers may chargeback a transaction for reasons beyond fraud. If a customer feels their trip was not as advertised, they may opt to file a chargeback under the pretense that your services are fraudulent. It is also possible the chargeback was intended for your travel partners, who may have provided dissatisfactory services, yet, being the broker, you were charged.

Another common cause for chargebacks includes a variation in business name and trading name. A customer may see a name they don't recognize on their bank statement and file a chargeback, thinking it was fraudulent.

Regardless, it's critical to reduce your chances of chargebacks as much as possible. Above all, businesses with lower chargeback rates can benefit from lower payment processing fees and avoid account closure.

High ticket transactions

Another reason the travel industry is seen as risky is because travel companies have exposure to high-ticket transactions. Flights, hotels, all-inclusive packages, car rental fees, and other travel amenities are all expensive. When you sell these types of products and services especially to large groups, your payment provider must process large volumes of money in each transaction. Therefore, this leaves your merchant account provider exposed to additional risk.

At PaymentCloud, working with merchants who process high volume is not new for us. We understand the special needs of the travel industry and its various participants.

Travel Merchant Account Fees

If you operate a travel company, partnering with an affordable travel merchant service provider is essential. Reducing your payment processing fees can help you with business expenses and allow you to invest more into your business.

We're aware of the benefits of low merchant account fees. Despite working with high-risk merchants, it's our primary goal to find affordable payment solutions for all our clients. We're invested in the success of your travel business.

We offer customizable rates that are best suited to your processing pattern, all at a competitive rate.

How to Apply for and Get a Merchant Account for your Travel Agency

If you want a merchant account for your travel agency, the application process at PaymentCloud is simple. Our platform offers high approval rates and quick decisions.

Not only do we offer fast approvals, we have a streamlined setup process. Once you gain approval, our support team is ready to show you how to accept payments at your travel agency. Contact us today if you want to set up a new travel merchant account at PaymentCloud.

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