Property Management

As a property manager, one of the best ways to increase the number of tenants that pay on time is to add the capability of paying online. Tenants that are able to pay online will have the flexibility that they need to take their operations mobile just as they do their IT infrastructure. Instead of showing up on a specific day with a check, they can use their suite or apartment as a remote office or second location and pay from a centralized spot, not to mention the added benefit of getting rewards points.

Set up recurring payments that allow them to forget about making a monthly rent payment because it is automatic and doesn't require that they do anything other than keep the bank account that is being used topped up with funds. Each month on a set date, their bank account or credit card can be set to automatically transfer funds into your account.

Consistently keep their credit-worthiness up-to-date. A history of payments from their credit card that is attached to a bank account will allow them to maintain a higher credit rating than what they would have if they were just paying you cash. When you pay in cash or by check, it shows that you are making regular payments and there is no negative by your name. Your credit history isn't too affected by this because you are not using credit. When you set your account to pay through your credit card and make an automatic payment that sets your credit card balance back to zero each month, your credit rating improves because you are using credit and making a timely payment each month.

For property managers, the benefits of using a merchant account are also immediately obvious. Not only do you increase the percentage of tenants that pay on schedule, you can also:

  • Lower the amount of staff time that it takes to process the monthly payments of your tenants. In turn this can mean that you can look at other solutions for specific-sizes of complexes and buildings that you manage. Instead of an onsite, full-time manager, you may be able to save money and just use your contractor services to handle maintenance requests. You may no longer need to have employees there to take money and process money.
  • Decrease the amount of late payments, when renters are on recurred billing they are rarely late as it is auto billed on the same day every month.
  • Increased security is also a benefit. Instead of having your workers take cash and checks to a bank, where they are exposed to potential robbery, your merchant account is encrypted digitally and processes transactions in a way that protects both you and your customers.

Getting a merchant account when you are a property manager isn't always the easiest proposition. Their credit policy won’t allow for CNP Card Not Present transactions of high amounts (rental rates can be in the thousands) and recurred billing.

Fortunately, PaymentCloud specializes in merchant accounts of this nature and can get you setup and approved to take credit card payments. Please contact us right away to get started.

Full-Service Merchant Services

PaymentCloud is a full-service ISO dedicated to providing innovative solutions and unparalleled customer service. The merchant services field is antiquated to say the least; we aim to break out of the status quo. Our suite of innovative services was built to save you time and money.

Quick Deposits

As a business owner, you should never have to wait for access to your hard-earned capital! This is the reason PaymentCloud offers next day funding for ALL card types. We understand that merchants have bills to pay and need funds to run a successful business on a daily basis, so we do not make you wait to access your funds.

Next day funding benefits…

  • Businesses that process the bulk of transactions in the evening
  • Businesses located on the West Coast
  • Merchants who process heavy volume during the weekend
  • Businesses that have daily or weekly expenses like weekly payroll, restocking inventory and shipping costs

Your business already earned the money, so you shouldn’t have to wait for it! Contact PaymentCloud today to learn more at 1-800-988-2215.

Innovative Technology

PaymentCloud is an industry leader in product innovation and cutting-edge technology. We provide our merchants with payment processing solutions customized to their businesses types. Our terminal selections include the latest in EMV Smartchip technology, wireless options, countertop devices, and PIN Pad options.

We also offer mobile processing hardware and applications, tablet POS systems, and our secure online payment gateways. Your account executive will assess the needs of your business and set you up with the solution that best fits your needs.

Dedicated Account Rep

At PaymentCloud, customer and technical support are aspects of the business that we take seriously. Each of our account representatives is rigorously trained in merchant services, product specifications, pricing structure, and technical support. When you set up your account with PaymentCloud, you will be assigned one of our expert account representatives who will set you up with everything you need to process with us. Our customers’ needs and success are our first priority.

Your account representative will:

  • Assist you with filling out your application, which will help you get approved quickly
  • Walk you through setting up your equipment or electronic processing software
  • Go over pricing structure and Visa/MasterCard rates and fees
  • Notify you when industry and/or security updates arise
  • Provide you with personalized customer service when you need it and contact us

Competitive Rates

PaymentCloud is proud to offer competitive rates for payment processing services, including highly affordable equipment leases for terminals that accept swiped credit cards and keyed-in transactions. We’ll work with you and compete with other processors to give you our most affordable rates. We even offer FREE rate comparisons to show just how much you save.

Call a PaymentCloud account executive at 1-800-988-2215 to learn more about our low rates.

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