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Business to Business (B2B) merchants are companies that don’t market to consumers, but rather market
to other businesses or companies in the private sector or in the government. We at Payment Cloud
make sure you can accept all types of transactions that may follow.

B2B merchant accounts must be set up and implemented properly to save time and money on
processing and transaction fees. Accepting the purchase card at the lowest cost is imperative for
maximum profitability. It is important that your terminal or software prompt for Level II or Level III data.
Payment Cloud provides compliant hardware and software, which automatically prompts for all required data based on card type.

Level I data passes the standard financial information present on all credit card transactions including
account number, expiration date, security code, and the amount of sale.

Level II data includes sales tax paid and allows the capture of a unique code for sorting, reconciling, and
reporting transactions.

Level III data includes line-item information of each transaction, as it allows merchants to monitor and
report the details of purchase behavior. This information is required when monitoring the number of
units purchased, product pricing, shipping costs, and other item-specific information.

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Whether you are currently processing or need to setup a new merchant account for your business, we are here to help. If you are currently processing with another merchant provider, or have never processed credit cards before, let us help you get up and running. Simply send us your most recent processing statements and our underwriters will conduct a free cost comparison analysis and show you the savings. For new accounts our application process is short and simple. At PaymentCloud, our agents and support staff are some of the most experienced professionals in the merchant processing industry.

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