A wallet is a virtual or physical storage system for credit cards, debit cards, and other payment methods. Wallets can be used to store card information, make payments, and manage finances, and may be provided by banks, credit card issuers, or thirdparty companies.

White Label Payment

A white label payment is a payment solution that is branded and sold by a company under its own name, rather than the name of the provider. White label payments are often used by businesses that want to offer their own payment services without the need for development or infrastructure.

White Plastic Fraud

White plastic fraud is a type of credit card fraud that involves the creation and use of fake or counterfeit credit cards. This type of fraud typically involves the use of blank plastic card stock and a card embossing machine to create cards that appear to be legitimate, but are not associated with a real account or issuer.

Wholesale Fees

Wholesale fees are the costs that merchants and financial institutions pay to acquire or process credit card transactions. These fees are typically based on a percentage of the transaction amount, and may vary depending on the type of card, the merchant’s industry, and other factors.

Wire Fees

Wire fees are the charges that are applied when a wire transfer is made, either within the same bank or between different banks. These fees may include charges for sending or receiving the wire, as well as any additional services, such as currency conversion or account maintenance.

Wire Transfer

A wire transfer is a type of electronic funds transfer that allows money to be transferred from one bank account to another, either within the same bank or between different banks. Wire transfers are often used for large or timesensitive payments, and are typically faster and more secure than other methods of payment.

Wireless Fee

A wireless fee is a charge that is applied for the use of a wireless communication service, such as a cellular or satellite connection. Wireless fees may be applied to credit card transactions that are processed using a wireless terminal or other device, or may be separate charges for the use of wireless services.

Wireless Terminal

A wireless terminal is a device that allows merchants to process credit card transactions wirelessly, using a cellular or satellite connection. Wireless terminals are often used by merchants who do not have a fixed location, such as mobile vendors or service providers, or by businesses that need to process transactions in areas without a wired connection.


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