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Whether you operate a hotel, motel, or any other lodging business, it's essential to have a dependable payment processing platform. At PaymentCloud, we partner with hotel owners throughout the United States to deliver a full suite of hospitality payment processing.
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PaymentCloud Has Exactly What You Need

PaymentCloud is a full-service merchant account provider that offers everything your hotel needs to begin accepting credit card payments . From hardware to merchant services, we understand what our hotel clients require to be successful. Likewise, we work closely with our customers to ensure our payment solutions fit their business structure.

Whether you're accepting payments online for hotel rooms or adding charges to a booking for amenity usage, we have you covered. Additionally, PaymentCloud makes it easy to integrate with a range of CRM platforms and other software packages.

Our onboarding process will ensure that your business is immediately ready to begin processing digital and in-person payments. Similarly, our team will ensure you're fully integrated with your existing systems, which will reduce any chances of consolidation problems.

Above all, we're always available to provide support. PaymentCloud operates an expert support team that can help your hotel whenever you need assistance.

So, whether you're seeking bed and breakfast merchant services or a payment platform for a large hotel, PaymentCloud is a perfect partner!

Accept Credit Card Payments by Phone

If you want to streamline the process of accepting bookings over the phone, our hospitality payment processing services can help. It's easy to accept credit card payments directly over the phone through a virtual terminal, which makes the booking process hassle-free for your hotel's visitors.

Process Credit Card Transactions via Your Booking Website

If you use a website to facilitate bookings at your hotel, you need a merchant services provider that can integrate with your online portal and accept payments through an online payment gateway. At PaymentCloud, we make it easy to process credit card transactions directly on your website, as well as in person.

B2B Payment Processing

If you operate a hotel that's popular with business clientele, our B2B payment processing facilitates easier transactions for your commercial guests. You can issue invoices and accept payment directly from other businesses. This offers added convenience for both you and your clients.

Enjoy Free Credit Card Terminals

At PaymentCloud, we offer cost-free credit card terminals to our hotel clients. If you're searching for industry-leading payment processing hardware for your front desk, our team has you covered.

In addition to our merchant services, our clients benefit from a range of premium POS hardware devices. If you're searching for a merchant account provider that couples its services with world-class payment hardware, PaymentCloud is the perfect partner.

Benefits of Hotel and Hospitality Merchant Services

At PaymentCloud, our hotel clients benefit from a range of advantages. Our feature-rich services ensure that hotel owners and managers gain access to a hospitality credit card processing platform that fits their needs. Let's explore some of our primary advantages below:

No Long Terms Contracts

If long-term commitments make you second guess, it's time to partner with PaymentCloud. You won't need to sign a lengthy agreement to take advantage of our hotel payment processing solutions.

Same Day Approvals

If you're in urgent need of a new merchant account for your hotel, our same-day approval process will be music to your ears. We understand the importance of offering quick merchant account decisions to our hotel partners.

24/7 Customer Support

Hotels never close - so it's essential to have a payment processing partner that has your back 24/7. Our customer support team is always available to help you solve payment problems. You'll never feel stranded if you choose PaymentCloud.

Funding in 24 Hours

PaymentCloud understands the importance of quick access to your hotel's funds. Our hotel partners receive customer payments into their accounts within 24 hours. Our quick funding solutions help you avoid cash flow problems.

Why You Need a Merchant Account Over an Integrated Payment System

While integrated payment systems - such as Venmo, Zelle, or Square - are easy to set up and offer simple access to credit and debit card transactions, a merchant account is more suitable for hotel owners. Integrated payment systems are often guilty of setting limits and restrictions on accounts, which can impact business owners that process large transaction volumes. Also, integrated payment systems can be more expensive and offer limited access to customer service.

On the other hand, a merchant account allows you a greater degree of flexibility when processing transactions. Likewise, merchant accounts aren't bound by the same strict user agreements found in integrated payment systems. Hotel owners that use merchant accounts from PaymentCloud have access to large transaction volumes, stable account access, and 24/7 customer service.

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