Merchant Accounts for Telemedicine

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Online Payment Processing for Telemedicine

In the fast-paced and exponentially growing medical industry, new technology is constantly on the forefront and provides patients with more access to doctor visits than ever before. This recent growth in the medical industry indicates an increasing need for telemedicine merchant services. Here at PaymentCloud, we offer innovative and secure online payment processing for telemedicine service providers.

Finding the Right Merchant Account for Telemedicine

Providing ways to accept cashless payments is essential in helping your telemedicine services succeed. Virtual care is an increasingly important segment in the medical field. North America in particular sees staggering growth as time goes on.

Because of this, your telehealth business has a chance for success, but you still need a leg up.

You will need invoicing options, an online payment gateway for telemedicine portals, and possibly alternative solutions for echeck and ACH payments. This way, patients can simply input their payment information, pay you securely, and even secure it for future use.

Payment Gateways

Online payment gateway for telemedicine portals are the way of the future in non face-to-face healthcare. It allows healthcare providers to easily accept credit card processing for telemedicine through an integrated platform online while still complying with HIPAA privacy and security rules as well as the standards implemented by the PCI Security Standards Council. When a patient enters their credit card information, it’s immediately encrypted and moved throughout the authorization process. Once the payment is sent to the credit card provider, the transaction will either be accepted or declined.

Here’s how the payment gateway process can benefit your online payment processing for telemedicine:

  1. Security tools and firewalls are incorporated to make merchant accounts for telemedicine safe and standardize the process for medical transactions.
  2. Filter and add specific features, including blocking IP addresses, adjusting the frequency in which payments are made, and decline transactions that don’t meet your criteria.
  3. Safely store payment information for repeat patients, so they’re never faced with the inconvenience of repeatedly entering their credit card information.
  4. You can search details of any transaction made in the system.
  5. Electronic check processing and routing is made easier.

The Best Provider for Telemedicine Merchant Services

Providing credit card processing for telemedicine is a great investment for your practice, but choosing the right provider is a common obstacle. Here at PaymentCloud, we provide services tailored to the specific needs of your practice. With one-on-one, personalized account managers, you can be sure to get what you want in addition to what you need.

We provide the latest technology to keep payment information secure while creating an easy-to-use experience for your practice and patients. Here’s why choosing PaymentCloud for your telemedicine merchant services is the best choice for your practice:

Plenty of Integrations to Help You Run Your Business

One of the perks that help us stand out from the competition is our list of integrations. We can hook up through nearly any website platform and provide a seamless solution for credit card processing.

On top of that, we can get you set up with recurring billing and auto-invoicing options that will make your telemedicine business work more efficiently.

When you choose PaymentCloud for all your telemedicine payment processing needs, the possibilities are endless.

Secure Credit Card Processing for Telemedicine

The first and foremost concern is the protection and security of business owner and customer information. PaymentCloud is dedicated to implementing procedures that not only detect and stop fraud, but that also help prevent it from happening in the first place.

PCI security compliance is built into each product and is just the beginning of our security measures. Credit card fraud prevention tools are implemented for each of our accounts depending on their level of risk.

But the best tool that we provide is the knowledge about where your fraud is coming from and the best tactics you can go in-house to prevent it. Let us get you set up with procedures and secure software so that you don’t have to worry about it once it’s too late.

Our Reputation for Excellent Customer Service

An in-house staff of qualified, friendly, and professional account representatives are prepared to help you every step of the way. And once you begin, you will be paired with a dedicated account manager who will get to know you and your telehealth business’ needs.

We are the provider that excels at understanding your business and being a liaison with your supporting bank. That is why we have such a great reputation with our businesses. We thrive in a competitive market and aim to provide the best merchant accounts for your telemedicine business.

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