Compact Size

The Poynt 5 terminal is a device that can be taken directly to your customer in line, at their table, or on the road... pretty much anywhere they are.


Touchscreen Keypad

The touchscreen keypad on the Poynt 5 device makes it easy for a merchant or customer to input transaction details.



Process transactions without the need to plug into an ethernet cord with Poynt 5’s WiFi feature.

The Poynt 5’s cutting edge design will elevate the look of your business and impress your customers. The handheld payment terminal uses advanced technology like EMV and NFC to accept chip and contactless payments. If you’re a business owner that is tired of using old-fashioned hardware and is ready for a modern system, you will love the Poynt 5 terminal.

Poynt 5 Mobile Terminal Technical Specification

User Manual

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Spec Sheet

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Operating System

Poynt OS


3" x 6.06" x 1"


0.45 lbs


IP, WiFi


Yes; NFC

Power source

Yes; rechargeable

Battery specs

Rechargeable; wireless for up to 8 hours


Application processor: 4-core 1.3 GHz ARM Cortex A53; Security processor: 108MHz ARM Cortex M3


1GB DDR RAM / 8GB Flash

Camera specs

Rear camera: 5 MP with flash and red targeting LED

Card readers

Hybrid MSR/Chip Reader Magnetic stripe reader, EMV, NFC contactless

Printer specs

N/A, but can text/email receipts

Touchscreen specs

Yes, 5" touchscreen display 720(w) x 128(h) pixels

Compatible Platform(s)


Third-party payment(s)

Apple Pay, Samsung Pay, Google Wallet, Visa payWave, Android Pay, MasterCard PayPass




Frequently Asked Questions

  1. As soon as you turn your device on, your Poynt 5 terminal will guide you to connect to WiFi. To change your WiFi settings, head to the Home screen and swipe down from the top screen.
  2. Choose WiFi.
  3. Select a WPA, WPA2, or WPA2 PSK network.

Icons shown on the screen indicate the status of the Poynt 5 terminal and cannot be removed. The icons that may show your device include:

  1. Card reader status: signals that the terminal is ready to process payments.
  2. Internal printer status: signals that the printer is available to be used and has paper.
  3. USB: shows when the device is connected to a USB.
  4. Bluetooth: signals when Bluetooth is on.
  5. Internet connectivity: shows if the device is connected to WiFi or ethernet.
  6. Battery: displays the amount of charge left is on the battery.
  7. Time: shows the current time.
  8. User: displays the user profile the device is active on.
  9. Dock: shows if the terminal is on the dock or not.

The Poynt 5 terminal does not have a built-in printer, however, the terminal can connect to a Poynt Smart Terminal, which does include a printer.

The Poynt 5 terminal does not include or require a stylus.

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