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By collaborating with ERC Guaranteed, PaymentCloud's customers can eliminate guesswork, benefiting from advanced, value-for-money Employee Retention Credit (ERC) assessments tailored for small business owners across the United States.

  • Experts in ERC
  • Full Guarantee & Our Work is Insured
  • Confirms Yours Qualifications Upfront
  • Provides Clients with 150+ Page Report
  • Best Price & No Upfront Fees
  • IRS Circular Compliant
  • ERC Checks Directly to You
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ERC Guaranteed


Elevate Your Business with the #1 Top-Rated Tax Firm Since 2017.

ERC Guaranteed, a prominent expert in Employee Retention Credit (ERC) and a specialized tax accounting firm focusing on government incentives, offers businesses unparalleled expertise in assisting all qualified entities to obtain their ERC Incentive. With a focus on ensuring your ERC is 100% risk-free and strategically maximizing its amount for small and medium-sized businesses, ERC Guaranteed provides peace of mind while maximizing benefits.

Through partnership with PaymentCloud, ERC Guaranteed assists businesses in leveraging federal and state tax credits, incentives, and deductions to their fullest potential.

Harness the expertise of ERC Guaranteed's trusted team of ERC specialists. Their team of professionals are grounded in risk management, compliance, and finance, ensuring a comprehensive approach to optimize your tax benefits. It’s not just about following the rules; it's about understanding and leveraging them effectively, especially as they evolve. The Employee Retention Tax Credit (ERC) presents a significant opportunity for Small Business Owners who retained W2 employees during the COVID-19 pandemic, offering potential credits of up to $26,000 per Employee. With billions in ERC successfully claimed for businesses like yours, ERC Guaranteed has you covered. With a 100% success rate and a triple QA process, they ensure that your filing is accepted within 5 business days and you won't receive an invoice until you have the ERC checks in hand.

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