High Risk

There are a wide variety of reasons that a merchant’s credit card processing may be classified as “high-risk” and at PaymentCloud, we have dealt with all of these situations through the past seven years. Fortunately, with just one simple call our skilled consultants can evaluate your business and risk level in minutes to match you with the perfect merchant account—providing an affordable solution that will keep your business cutting-edge, and competitive.

If your business falls into one of the “high-risk” categories listed below—those with above-average risks of chargebacks or financial instability—it can be difficult to find a convenient credit card processor. Regardless of your line of business, Payment Cloud makes it possible for your customers to complete their credit card transactions in a safe, secure way…which means more revenue for you.

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High Risk Account Support

Whether you are currently processing or need to setup a new merchant account for your high risk business, we are here to help. If you are currently processing with another company, or have been recently shut down, let us help you get up and running. Simply send us your most recent processing statements and our underwriters will conduct a free cost comparison analysis and show you the savings. For new accounts our application process is short and simple. We have long established relationships with many high risk banks so we are able to get your application approved when others can’t. At PaymentCloud, our agents and support staff are some of the most experienced high risk professionals in the merchant processing industry.

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