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Finding credit card processing for debt consolidation services is tough. Luckily PaymentCloud has the secure tools to support you.
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Debt Consolidation Merchant Services

It's not nearly as easy to secure a debt consolidation merchant account as it should be. This important financial service exists to help clients fix their monetary situations; but because the industry is high risk, many banks are unwilling to offer payment processing services for it.

Online credit card processing is necessary for a debt consolidation company. If you can't accept online payments, you can't help your clients. Tier one providers don't have the resources to support debt consolidation credit card processing, so finding a high risk credit card processor willing and able to accept your account is the number one priority.

Debt Consolidation Agencies Are Hard to Place

When a bank decides whether to grant a merchant account for debt consolidation services, they always consider the company's chargeback ratio. This ratio reflects the number of canceled, refunded, and disputed transactions that your company experiences each month. Unfortunately, debt consolidation companies often experience a high number of chargebacks; as a result, they are labeled as high risk businesses, and their merchant account applications are frequently declined.

The increased chargeback ratio debt consolidation companies experience comes from a variety of factors:

  • Unstable client base: The debt consolidation industry inherently works with clients who have a history of missed payments. Many people seek debt consolidation when they're under significant financial stress—they may feel the need to dispute a charge for a variety of reasons.
  • Recurring payments: Many debt consolidation companies charge a recurring fee for their services. Recurring payments almost always increase a company's chargeback ratio, as customer's cards may be charged at unexpected and often inconvenient times.
  • High risk of fraud: Debt consolidation companies offer a truly necessary service and make it available to a wide array of people. Unfortunately, the benefits of this service can also attract fraudulent practices. Even if you take steps towards risk prevention, a bank may not be willing to take the chance alongside you.

Some payment processors agree to work with debt consolidation companies but revoke the account later because of the risk. You can't always control your chargeback ratio, but you can choose to work with a debt consolidation credit card processor that is familiar with the industry and wants your business to succeed.

How to Start a Debt Consolidation Business

When you're working in a high tension financial industry, you need a debt consolidator’s credit card processor on your side. You need a payment processor that understands your business model and wants to see you and your clients find success.

PaymentCloud is a nationally accredited debt consolidation payment processor specializing in high risk accounts. We offer state-of-the-art processing services to help high risk businesses like yours make an impact on the market. Trust us to keep your payments secure and assist your customer base as they put their financial lives back together.

A High Risk Credit Card Processor to Help You Succeed

PaymentCloud grants debt consolidation merchant accounts to both new businesses and seasoned companies. We have a variety of tools to help your company reach success.

  • Secure your payments with high-end data encryption and fraud prevention.
  • Lower your risk status with our chargeback reduction suite.
  • Dedicated account representatives to help assist before, during, and after approval.

Apply for a Payment Gateway for Debt Consolidation

Don't waste time applying for merchant accounts with providers who don't understand your market. Reach out to PaymentCloud for reliable payment processing services designed specifically for high risk industries. We're a debt consolidation payment processor that truly understands the importance of your business model, and we are ready to help you and your clients succeed.

To start the application process, just fill out our simple online form. One of our senior account representatives will contact you to discuss the payment processing services your business needs. This representative will be assigned to your application in order to better understand the specific needs of you and your business. That way, we can handle your account with personalized care every step of the way.

We've worked with every type of credit repair and debt consolidation business- start the process today so you can begin accepting online payments as soon as possible.

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Easy Debt Consolidation Integrations

PaymentCloud is the best at supporting credit card processing for debt consolidation services because we can hook up to the software and solutions that you already use. CRM’s, accounting softwares, and 3rd party platforms can be connected with just a click. Find out about our full list of integrations by talking to your senior account representative or by giving us a call.


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