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eCheck Payment Processing

PaymentCloud is adept at supporting eCheck payment solutions for all types of businesses.
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Accept eCheck Payments Right Away

Whether you want an easier way to accept money from customers, more secure payment options, or to process your payments faster, there are many reasons you should consider accepting eCheck processing. Here at PaymentCloud, we’re dedicated to helping your business streamline your payment processes and strive to educate you on the benefits that an eCheck payment solution can have on your business.

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Integrated Statements and Reporting

Simplify the reconciliation process for your transaction with integrated statements and reporting. We will help you view credit card and eCheck transactions together.

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Real-Time Transaction Verification

You can verify transactions as they happen. Unlike paper checks that can take weeks to come out, eChecks are a faster solution to maintaining your records.

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Fully Scalable Solution

Both your business and customers can benefit from an eCheck payment solution. This method is secure, simple, and much faster than traditional paper checks.

Ready to Get Started?

Start processing echecks online and in an instant with our integrated merchant account. Let us help you design a custom package specifically for your business.

How Can You Start to Accept eCheck Payments?

Get started with eCheck payment processing today and get paid faster. You can accept eChecks online through our secure payment gateway that keeps your customer data secure. Every electronic payment is protected by PaymentCloud so you never have to question the security of your customers’ information. If you plan to accept eCheck payments from your customers, here’s how you can begin.

Options for ACH processing with your phone or computer

You Need eCheck Processing

Accept eCheck Payments in Seconds!

A secure, convenient, and cost effective way to pay, electronic check processing is perfect for any business. No security scares. No postage fees. With eChecks, your customers can send payments instantly.
Every Business Needs eCheck Payment Options

Every Business Needs eCheck Payment Options

Invest in PaymentCloud’s robust and secure electronic check payment processing solution so that we can help you get set up and running to accept eCheck payments today!
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  • Retail eCommerce
  • Subscription Businesses
  • B2B Commerce
  • Financial Institutions
  • Healthcare Providers
  • Nonprofits
  • Membership Clubs and Gyms

High Risk eCheck Processing is Simple

eCheck payment processing for high risk businesses is a must. With electronic check processing, your account will have fewer restrictions and more security features than credit card processing alone.

Give your customers the benefit of using an electronic check payment solution and streamline your payment options. Electronic check processing is perfect for many business types including those online, subscription-based businesses, and high volume or high risk industries.

No matter what your business type is, PaymentCloud has the solution for your business to take ACH and credit card processing. With just a fast online application, we can get you set up and integrated within 48 hours.

Ready to Get Started?

Reach out to us and start processing electronic checks the next day. You can also contact us to design a custom package for your business.

Clients Love Our Electronic Check Processing

No account or apps needed to sign up for.

Customers will never need an account or an app to pay your invoice or receive a payment from you.

No need to share sensitive bank information.

PaymentCloud has a secure connection to your bank, so there is no need for an exchange of confidential information.

100% free for your clients to use.

Clients simply click the invoice email link, connect to their bank account once, and click to pay. That's it.