Versatile Payment Options

The Ingenico iSMP4 supports a wide range of payment options and can be utilized for companion, integrated, and stand-beside transactions.


Reliable Security

The Ingenico iSMP4 device supports multiple point-to-point encryption schemes, so you can process secure transactions with every sale!


Ergonomic Design

With its clear backlit display and illuminated EMV slot, the iSMP4 can accept payments in several environments.


Long Battery Life

The Ingenico iSMP4’s lithium-ion battery has been custom-designed for long-lasting use.


Universal Tablet

Arguably the iSMP4’s most unique feature, this enclosure can be used with many of the leading 8” tablets, including iPad Mini Gen 4, Samsung Galaxy Tab S, and more.


Contactless LED

The iSMP4’s intuitive multicolor LED display sends important alerts to your device.

Engineered for use in fast-paced environments, the iSMP4 is a slim yet multifaceted device that can be used as either a standalone or integrated payment tool. With the largest color display in its class, broad connectivity options, and a universal tablet enclosure that allows for the use of multiple tablets simultaneously, the iSMP4 has been crafted to encompass a wide range of needs. Whether you're setting up your device for the first time or need guidance on reset procedures, refer to the Ingenico user manual for comprehensive instructions. Elevate your mobile terminal game today with the Ingenico iSMP4 bundle.

Ingenico iSMP4 Semi-Integrated Device Technical Specification

User Guide

Spec Sheet

Operating System

Telium 2 | Mobile OS — Windows 7, Windows 8 (x86, x64). iOS 4x and above. Android 2.3.3 and above | Linux


L x W x H (inches): 5.2 x 2.8 x .75 | Weight: 6.6 oz


Wireless: Bluetooth Class II, 128-bit encryption | Wired: USB-C, 10 pin connector

Card Reader Types

SCR: Standard (ISO7816, EMV L1 certified) | MSR: Standard (ISO 7810, 7811 and 7813, T 1/2/3) | Contactless reader: Standard (ISO 14443 A&B, NFC)

Power Source

2000 mAh Li-ion


Main Processor: RISC 32-bits ARM9 processor - 380 MHz 450 MIPS | Crypto Processor: RISC 32-bits ARM7 processor - 57 MHz 50 MIPS




Flash: 128MB | SDRAM: 32MB

Camera specs


Printer specs


Paper size



Backlit QVGA | Color | 2.81″ | 320x240

Battery specs

PSU (for charging battery)

Battery Life

Long-lasting battery

Third-party payment (s)

Can accept Apple Pay, Google Wallet, Samsung Pay, and other similar payment methods.

Fee-Recovery Method (s)


Compatible Platform (s)



EMV Level 1

Release Date

October 2016



Contact US

Frequently Asked Questions


In order for the mobile device / ECR solution to be used with iSMP4, the devices must be connected via Bluetooth. To connect the terminal to a mobile device via Bluetooth; turn on Bluetooth on the mobile device and do the following on the iSMP4 terminal:

  1. Press F1.
  2. Press 2, or scroll down to 1 BT PAIRING and press OK (the green button is at the bottom right of the terminal).
  3. Press the number key 0 or OK and select 0 – Pair device.
  4. The terminal displays a code. Enter the code on the mobile device, and press OK.
  5. iSMP4 and the mobile device (box solution) are connected via Bluetooth, and the Bluetooth icon appears on the iSMP4 screen. If something goes wrong with the pairing, you get an error.

The Ingenico iSMP4 can be rebooted by pressing the # and yellow keys simultaneously and for a total duration of four seconds.

After powering your device on, you’ll arrive at a splash screen. Once there, follow these steps:


  • To establish the initial possibility of a WiFi connection, press 2 6 3 4. Press F to be directed to the menu.
  • Select the Configuration option.
  • When prompted, select Communication.
  • At this point, you’ll see a text prompt that reads Select Comm. Type. Under this, you will see a WiFi option. Select it.
  • When prompted, turn your WiFi power On. Following this, press the red button until you are directed back to the Set and Reboot.
  • Reboot your device. Allow it to power back on. Once you can, press 2 6 3 4 again. 
  • Press F4. When prompted, select the Telium Manager option.
  • Select Hardware.
  • Scroll down on the home screen of your device until you can select the WiFi option. 
  • Select the option on your screen that allows you to scan your network. Once you have done this, a list of local WiFi networks should appear on your screen. When you find your WiFi network of choice, press the green key to select this option.
  • Press the green key again to select the device’s Home Security option.
  • When prompted, enter the password to access your WiFi network of choice. Press the green key one more time to authenticate.


As confirmation that your device is connected to WiFi, you will see a blue screen that displays an Activation Code. Once you see the Activation Code, you will be prompted to activate your iSMP4.

The default password for the Ingenico iSMP4 is 2634.

First, check that your Ingenico iSMP4 is sufficiently charged. Once charged, press the button on the upper right-hand side of the device to power it on. Shortly after the powering-up process has begun, you’ll arrive at a splash screen. Once you’ve arrived here, press 2 6 3 4. Press F to be directed to the menu. Consult either your service provider or a customer service representative for specific needs as they relate to your Ingenico iSMP4.

The iSMP4 was announced as End Of Life in 2022. The product’s official End Of Life status took effect that same year. 


December 31st, 2022, was the iSMP4’s Last Buy Order date, i.e. the last date that Ingenico customers could order the device through Ingenico. March 31st, 2023, was the last possible ship date that customers could request, while March 31st, 2026, effectively serves as the last date to receive full support regarding their iSMP4. No spare parts can be purchased after this date.

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