Ingenico IPP310

Offering EMV Chip, Magstripe & PIN, and contactless payments, the compact and easy-to-use iPP310 PIN pad offers reliable and secure payments at top speeds.

  • Compact Design
  • No annual fees
  • Large, Backlit Keyboard
  • 24/7 Technical Support
  • Level 3 PCI Compliant
  • Fast Processing Speeds
Ingenico iCT 250 Terminal

iPP310 Adds Compact Security To Your Counter

The iPP310 is one of the smallest digital payment devices on the market and one of Ingenico’s lightest and fastest in terminal design. Attach this PIN pad to an iCT220 or iCT250 and this compact powerhouse will help you keep your counter free of clutter.

Designed for rigorous daily use, the large, backlit keys and LCD screen ensure easy and accurate PIN entry. Ingenico’s smallest is also one of its simplest, letting you focus on your customers. Easy setup gets you up and processing without the need for expensive equipment or intense training.

Ingenico iPP310 EMV Terminal

Personalized Support

Use our experienced customer support team as a resource to help keep things running smoothly

Ingenico iPP310 EMV Terminal

Get Up and Running

With such a quick and simple setup, your customers can start swiping, dipping, and tapping within minutes

Ingenico iPP310 EMV Terminal

Manage Your Finances

Link the iPP310 to your POS to track your profits, transactions, and refunds, all in one place

Ingenico iPP310 EMV Terminal

Make It Your Own

Program the display with your logo and fully customize your terminal’s capabilities

Start Processing
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Ingenico iPP310 EMV Terminal

Ingenico iPP310 PIN Pad

By attaching your POS to an iPP310 PIN pad, you can help customers in any environment. A crisp display offers easily readable information above well-lit keys for seamless and stress-free use. Let customers pay their favorite way with Magstripe, EMV + PIN, and contactless capabilities.

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iPP310 Comprehensive Hardware Features

Ingenico iPP310 EMV Terminal Lightweight body
Ingenico iPP310 EMV Terminal crisp, customizable display
Ingenico iPP310 EMV Terminal Large, backlit keys
Ingenico iPP310 EMV Terminal EMV chip, magstripe, and contactless capabilities

Ingenico IPP310

The iPP310 meets the highest PCI security requirements with optional PIN privacy for increased confidentiality.

Ingenico iPP310 EMV Terminal

Customize Your Ingenico Setup

Equipped with high-speed internet and contactless payment capabilities, the iPP310 is part of the next generation and delivers on security and transaction speed.

  • Supports a range of value-added applications
  • Customizable hardware and software
  • High-performance PIN pad
  • PCI level 3 compliant
Ingenico iPP310 EMV Terminal

Optional Add-Ons Complete Your Solution

In addition to its mobile and stationary set-up options, the iPP310 provides wireless connections to optional peripherals, so you can fully customize your checkout. Add-ons include a receipt printer-cash drawer combo, barcode scanner and kitchen printer.

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