Ingenico iCT220

Offering EMV Chip and Magstripe & PIN payments, the small and light iCT220 offers secure and reliable payments at top speeds.

  • Compact Design
  • No annual fees
  • 24/7 Technical Support
  • Integrated Dashboard
  • PCI Compliant
  • Lightning Fast Processing Speeds
Ingenico iCT 250 Terminal

Add Compact Power To Your Counter With the iCT220

Weighing just a single pound, the iCT 220 devices are among the lightest and smallest in terminal design. Keep your counter clutter-free with this compact powerhouse.

Designed for handling rigorous daily use with ease, the large, backlit keys and power buzzer speed transactions ensure easy and accurate PIN entry. Ingenico’s smallest and simplest lets you give your customers an effortless electronic payment experience without expensive equipment or intense training.

Ingenico ict220 EMV Terminal

Receive Custom Support

Use our knowledgeable and experienced customer support team to keep things running smoothly.

Ingenico ict220 EMV Terminal

Start Processing Quickly

No need for extensive training, just complete the terminal’s easy setup to start taking cards.

Ingenico ict220 EMV Terminal

Manage Your Financess

Track your profits, transactions, and refunds, all in one place.

Ingenico ict220 EMV Terminal

Make It Yours

Customize the crisp display with your logo so your terminal works the way you do.

Start Processing
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Ingenico ict220 EMV Terminal

Ingenico iCT220 Crisp Display

Ingenico’s smallest and lightest is also it’s clearest. A crisp black and white display provides easily readable information above backlit keys for seamless and stress-free use. Customize the display to include your logo and optimize capabilities for your business.

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iCT220’s Comprehensive Hardware Features

Ingenico ict220 EMV Terminal 11 oz. lightweight body
Ingenico ict220 EMV Terminal crisp, customizable display
Ingenico ict220 EMV Terminal Connect through Wireless or Ethernet
Ingenico ict220 EMV Terminal EMV chip, magstripe, and contactless capabilities

Ingenico iCT220

The 220 models give merchants the opportunity to accept EMV chip payments as well as magnetic stripe + PIN transactions.

The iCT 220 meets the highest PCI security requirements with optional PIN privacy for increased confidentiality.

Ingenico ict220 EMV Terminal

Customize Your Ingenico Setup

Equipped with high-speed internet and Telium 2 operating systems, the iCT 220 and iCT 220 CL offer highly secure, integrated, and reliable payments at top speed.

  • Crisp black and white 2.7-inch display
  • Customizable lens marking, printer cover flap, and casing
  • Thermal receipt printer producing 18 lines/second
  • Dial-up or Ethernet with optional 3G connection
  • PCI version 2 and 3 compliant online and offline
Ingenico ict220 EMV Terminal

Optional Add-Ons to Complete Your Solution

Upgrade your Flash memory to store more data or customize your console for a unique experience your customers won’t soon forget.

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