Cloud-Enabled Reporting

Access real-time insights and performance metrics across all locations to make informed decisions, optimize operations, and drive business growth.


Payment Flexibility

Embrace payment flexibility with e-invoice, text, and email options, pay-at-the-table, and bill-splitting. Enjoy advanced EMV card technology for secure transactions.


Dual Pricing & Surcharging

Enhance payment strategies with the
Dual Pricing feature. This feature allows businesses to display a transparent card and cash price, satisfying the payment needs of all customer types.

Offer payment flexibility with convenient and contactless payment options that any customer will appreciate. This portable Android POS includes modern technology like dual-mid support, inventory management, and dual pricing/surcharging capabilities that will enhance the payment experience and streamline business operations.

Valor VL500 Technical Specification

Spec Sheet

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Operating System

Android 7.1.2


7.9 in. x 3 in. x 2.2 in.


1.1 lbs.


4G LTE/3G/GPRS | WLAN | Bluetooth


High Speed Quad-Core 32-bit Processor Plus Secure MCU



Camera specs

5M Pixel AF With Flash Light Rear Camera

Card Readers

Magstripe, Contactless, Contact Card

Printer specs

57mm x 40mm (Paper Roll Size), 100mm/sec (Print Speed)

Touchscreen specs

Virtual Keypad (Support PIN on Touch) with 5.5" touchscreen display

Fee-Recovery Method(s)

Dual Pricing & Surcharging

Third-party payment(s)

Google Pay, Apple Pay, Android Pay, Samsung Pay, Visa PayWave, Mastercard PayPass



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Frequently Asked Questions

1. From the Home Screen, tap the Main Menu icon.

2. Tap Settings, then WiFi Config

3. Tap SSID

4. Enter WiFi Password (Password is case sensitive)

5. Tap Connect

1. Tap Sale until Refund is displayed.

2. Enter Transaction Amount and tap Enter.

3. Swipe/Insert/Tap card on Present Card screen. For Manual Key Entry, select the Enter Manually option.

4. Select receipt delivery method.

1. Tap Sale until Void is displayed.

2. Enter the Transaction Number from the receipt or the last 4 of the card number and tap Enter.

3. When prompted enter Password.

4. Tap to confirm the transaction that needs to be voided.

5. Select receipt delivery method.

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