Dual Screens

The Poynt P3303 Smart Terminal comes equipped with a touchscreen for workers and another screen facing customers. This feature gives transparent pricing to your customers before they have to pay.


Advanced Software

The software of the Poynt Smart Terminal is easy-to-use for any worker. Its interface is straightforward for a hassle-free payment process and comes with plenty of apps available to download.


Sleek Design

This terminal has a stylish design that will impress any customers that walk through your doors. Count on the Poynt Smart Terminal to give your business an updated appearance.

The Poynt P3303 Smart Terminal is an excellent solution for any business in search of a countertop device that processes payments securely and quickly. The machine easily integrates with 3rd-party applications for better payment management and tracking. Customize your dashboard to fit the workflow of your business. When connected to the full suite of Poynt terminals, you can accept almost any type of payment including, EMV, NFC, QR, and traditional swipe transactions.

Poynt P3303 Smart Terminal Technical Specification

User Manual

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Quick Start Guide

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Spec Sheet

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Operating system

Poynt OS


4.6" x 9.65" x 3.54"


8.7 lbs


WiFi, Ethernet w/ Static IP; Optional: 3G


Yes; NFC


1GB DDR / 16GB Flash

Touchscreen specs

Yes; Dual touch screens

Printer specs

Built-in receipt printer; Print, email, or text receipts; 20” paper roll

Third-party payment(s)

Apple Pay, Samsung Pay, Google Wallet, Visa payWave, Android Pay, MasterCard PayPass

Battery specs

Rechargeable; wireless for up to 8 hours

Camera specs

Front and back camera Front Camera: 5MP I autofocus (7cm to infinity) Back camera: VGA


4 core 1.8 Ghz Cortex A15 application processor 108 Mhz Cortex M3 security processor

Compatible Platform(s)





Frequently Asked Questions

With the Poynt Smart Terminal, you will want to use thermal printer paper (2 ¼ in x 16ft).

If your Poynt Smart Terminal is experiencing technical issues with the touchscreen display or needs a replacement, please refer to your merchant service provider for a new device.

Poynt uses lithium-ion batteries on all of its terminals.

Your merchant services provider will be able to provide the details regarding when you should receive your deposits.

Poynt Smart Terminals do not include or require a stylus to be used.

  1. As soon as you turn your device on, your Poynt Smart Terminal will guide you to connect to WiFi. To change your WiFi settings, head to the Home screen and swipe down from the top screen.
  2. Choose WiFi.
  3. Select a WPA, WPA2, or WPA2 PSK network.
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