Advanced Security

Use powerful Triple DES encryption to protect sensitive cardholder information.


Windows Plug And Play

No need to worry about a dying battery; the MagTek Dynamag is powered by Plug And Play technology via USB


PCI DSS Compliance

The Dynamag credit card reader is designed to exceed PCI compliance using features such as tokenization and fraud detection.


Compact Design

At just under four inches, the MagTek Dynamag offers you abundant features while taking up minimal space.


Enhanced Flexibility

Operate your device either in USB HID or KB (Keyboard Emulation) mode and collect data from your card swiper.


LED Indicator

Monitor the status of your transactions with the Dynamag’s multicolor light-emitting diode indicator.

If you’re looking to make swiping and tapping customer payments easier, the MagTek Dynamag is here to help! Monitor and verify transactions with a multicolor LED indicator, and stay securely connected via the device’s Plug And Play USB cable. The MagTek Dynamag Windows 7 drivers ensure seamless integration and compatibility, allowing for a hassle-free experience. The Dynamag lets users store secure data and has been designed for a stress-free setup and operation. With its tamper-resistant technology, card authentication options, and overall flexibility, the Dynamag is designed to save you time while prioritizing safe and secure transactions.

MagTek 21073062 Dynamag Magnetic Stripe Credit Card Reader Technical Specification

User Guide

Spec sheet

Operating System

Windows Plug & Play® powered by Windows 11 | macOS 12 and above.


L x W x H: 3.92 x 1.24 x 1.20" | Weight: 1.8 oz. (50 gr) without cable.


USB | Type A plug | 6ft

Card Reader Types

MagneSafe® Card Reader | Secure Card Reader Authenticator (SCRA) | Bi-directional card reading capabilities

Power Source

USB | 100 mA max | 5V


Windows Plug and Play®





Camera specs


Printer specs


Paper Size




Battery specs


Battery Life



Third-party payment (s)


Fee-Recovery Method (s)


Compatible Platform (s)



FCC, CE, and UL-compliant | 3DES Encryption | DUKPT Key Management | MagneSafe Security Architecture | Non-changeable serial number | Tamper-evident/resistant

Release Date

November 9, 2009



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Frequently Asked Questions

MagTek is a manufacturer that builds and designs secure card reader authenticators and other payment tools and devices. A MagTek card reader, which authenticates cards via swipe, is a device manufactured under the MagTek, Inc. umbrella that allows merchants to process payments through mobile, in-person, or certain digital transactions using a secure magnetic stripe card reader. The MagTek Dynamag accounts for various payment methods, including EMV chip, mobile wallets, and NFC contactless payments.

You can connect your MagTek Dynamag card reader to your computer or host system by using the USB cable that comes with your device. Begin by inserting the cable into your host’s USB port. Upon recognition of the USB, you will be provided with installation directions via a dialog box. Once you’ve completed the setup, you will not be asked to perform this step again, so long as you are using the same USB port as before.


  • Insert the USB cable into a port on the host device.
  • Refer to Figure 2-1 for the positions of the Reader, LED Indicator, and the pin numbers of the 4-pin connector.
  • Refer to Table 2-1 for details on the pin numbers and signal descriptions.

The following details pertain to the 4-pin connector:

  • Pin 1: VBUS (Red cable)
  • Pin 2: Data negative (-Data) (White cable)
  • Pin 3: Data positive (+Data) (Green cable)
  • Pin 4: Ground (Black cable)

You do not need an internal battery to use your MagTek Dynamag card reader. The device’s USB cable serves as its power source. As such, you can use the Dynamag without worrying about dwindling or a short-lived battery life.

Here are three options for safely mounting your MagTek Dynamag:

  • Run the cables on top of the surface of your Dynamag device with a pair of screws attached to the bottom of the unit.
  • Drill a hole in the surface of the device. Following this, run the cable through the hole. Make sure that you have two screws affixed to the bottom of your unit.
  • Run the cable along the top of the Dynamag’s surface and attach the unit to the surface using durable fastening tape. 

For best results, make sure that your Dynamag card reader is positioned on a flat, easy-to-access surface and that there are four inches on either end of the device so that customers have room to swipe their cards. Before using fastening tape, be sure to disinfect the mounting surface with isopropyl alcohol and remove the tape’s protective adhesive cover.

MagnePrint is a risk management tool that provides additional layers of fraud protection for MagTek users. It is designed to detect certain counterfeit cards and exists as a registered trademark of MagTek, Inc.

If you are experiencing difficulties setting up or using your device, consult your Dynamag’s Technical Reference Manual. If the manual fails to address the issue you’re experiencing, MagTek offers troubleshooting options. You can reach out to MagTek support directly by way of phone or email. Make sure that you have the necessary documentation on hand if you are asked case-sensitive questions by a MagTek support representative.

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