High-capacity, Long Lasting Battery

The Dejavoo QD5 is Powered by a 7.4V/2600mAh battery that can last 26 hours.


Flexible Payment Options

Accepts Apple Pay, Google Pay, Samsung Pay, Android Pay, Visa payWave, and MasterCard PayPass, giving your customers more options to pay you with.


Adaptable Pinpad Functionality

The Dejavoo QD5 pin pad can be used however you need, either as multi-lane or stand-alone options and it also comes with a convenient mounting plate.


Versatile Connectivity

The QD5 allows you to connect through Ethernet, WiFi, and USB connection, providing you with more ways to get online.


SPIn Enabled

This cloud-based integration tool offers increased ROI, improved customer retention and conversion rates, and maintains secure PCI DS5 compliance.

The Dejavoo QD5 stand is ready to boost your business with a long-lasting high-capacity battery and the ability to accept most payment types — from traditional Mag-Stripe cards to EMV chipped cards to contactless payments like ApplePay and GooglePay. This terminal can be used for either multi-lane or stand-alone use and can be connected through Ethernet, WiFi, and USB – it just depends on what you need. With SPIn enablement, PCI PTS 5.0 compliance, and a printing speed of 50mm per second, you can process payments faster and more securely than ever!

Dejavoo QD5 Pin Pad Terminal Technical Specification

User Guide

Spec Sheet

Operating System

Secure Android


188 x 85 x 69mm


Ethernet, Wifi, USB

Card Reader Types

Contactless | NFC | Magnetic Card Reader | Smart Card Reader

Power Source

Rechargeable, 5V 2A adapter, supports USB 2.0 host charging


Quad-Core @ 1.1GHz


Ethernet - USB to Ethernet


1GB RAM, 8GB Flash

Camera specs

5M with auto-focus and flash

Printer specs

58mm thermal printer, printing speed 50mm per second

Paper Size

2 1/4 in x 50 ft


Touchscreen | Screen size: 5.5”

Battery specs

7.4V, 2 x 2600mAh

Battery Life

26 hours

Third-party payment (s)

Apple Pay | Google Pay | Samsung Pay | Android Pay | Visa PayWave | MasterCard PayPass

Compatible Platform (s)



ISO 14443 Type A & B, Mifare, Contactless EMV Level 1, MasterCard Paypass, Visa PayWave, ExpressPay and D-Pass (in progress)



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Frequently Asked Questions

To set up the Dejavoo QD5, follow these steps:

  1. From the idle screen, select the icon to open the SETTINGS menu.
  2. If asked, enter the Manager Password (the last 4 digits of the TPN#).
  3. Select PIN PAD.
  4. For countertop models, activate the PIN Pad via the portal integration setup.
  5. For PIN Pad models, enable it and enter the IP address of the countertop device.

The Dejavoo QD4 is designed for a wide range of business environments, whereas the Dejavoo QD5 is specifically designed for multi-lane or stand-alone use with integrated PIN pad functionality and a countertop mounting plate, making it ideal for retail environments where customer input is needed.

To connect to Wi Fi, follow these steps:

1.Click on a network choice listed

  1. Select Configure
  2. Set your current WiFi password
  3. Press OK
  4. Press Cancel
  5. Select Connect

The receipt paper size is 2 1/4 in x 50 ft.

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