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Begin Your Malware Removal Startup with the Best Software and Support

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One of the most frustrating aspects of using technology is dealing with its complexities. Unfortunately, with just about any form of technology, you are susceptible to malware. So, it’s important to be aware of the malware affecting your hardware and software. And when needed, finding a means to remove the malware. That’s where a tech support business owner or entrepreneur like you comes in. As the use of technology continues to skyrocket, so too do individuals who need help managing the functionality of their technology. Starting a malware removal startup is completely accessible, but there are a few things you need to consider.

What is Malware?

First thing’s first – let’s talk a little bit more about what malware is. The word malware is made up of two separate words: malicious and software. Malware is software designed to damage a computer, server, client, or computer network. This includes, but is not limited to, viruses, spyware, and phishing.

While malware attacks are decreasing, there were over 10 billion attacks in 2018. In fact, Google’s Transparency Report data showed over 52,000 malware sites found thus far in 2019. Even if malware and subsequent attacks are at a decline, the threat is still very, very real. As all technology users are susceptible to malware, malware removal services are becoming more common.

Starting Your Malware Removal Startup

Malware software startup code

Anytime someone decides to launch a startup it’s going to be a big undertaking. Luckily, because tech startups aren’t for everyone, there is a lot more wiggle room in comparison to other industries. Like any business endeavor, a malware removal startup will require a lot of careful planning.

Pick the software

One of the most important aspects of starting a successful online tech support business for malware removal is the removal software you choose. As there is a bunch of software available, you don’t need to develop your own software to begin your startup. It is necessary, however, to do extensive research into which software is the best. Luckily, there are resources available that explain and compare different software, so your research shouldn’t be too hard.

Choose your malware focus

There are various different types of malware. From the most commonly known viruses to phishing, spyware, adware, computer worms, and many many more. You have a range of choices in what type of malware removal startup you’re running. The best choice, however, is to create a startup that covers all malware. Most malware removal software will address all malware problems, not just one. Additionally, you may not know the type of malware affecting your customers until you begin removing their malware. Unless you have a specific reason for focusing on one type of malware, it’s better to offer a service that will remove all of them.

Malware Removal Services are Risky

Similar to other tech support businesses, an online tech support business for malware removal is high risk. There is potential for customer dissatisfaction, fraudulent charges, and issues with credit card processing. That’s why it’s necessary to set yourself up for success and mitigate the risks as soon as you can.

Here are some of the principal risks associated with malware removal services:

Unhappy customers

tech support business computer

With any sold good or service, there is a chance that your customer will not be happy with the end result. Unfortunately, in tech support businesses, that chance is exponentially higher. With malware specifically, there are two main aspects at play.

In your business, your job is to remove malware from the customer’s technology. However, sometimes there will be an issue your customer is facing that has nothing to do with malware. The customer might even say their technology is still not working after you perform your service. This can result in dissatisfaction with your service, even though you performed the service adequately.

To mitigate this risk, ensure that the customer understands the service that you are providing. Be clear with the terms and conditions before starting your work. Define how to move forward should a customer be unsatisfied with your policies. Basically, outline your plan on paper and be sure that your customer is aware of it.

The second aspect is loss of customer data – it’s possible that the software you choose will remove or alter some of the data on the customer’s computer. Thankfully, mitigating this risk is easy. Choose software that you don’t have to reinstall the operating system post malware removal. That way, chances that you lose or alter any data are minimized.

Chargebacks/Fraudulent charges

With most tech support businesses come to the risk of chargebacks and fraudulent charges. That’s why tech support payment processing is an important part of your startup, but we’ll get to that in a bit.

Unfortunately, chargebacks, merchant services fraud, and fraudulent charges are all very real risks that you will likely have to deal with in your tech support business. These risks also deem malware removal startups to be high risk, meaning that many payment processors will refuse your business.

To mitigate the aftereffects of chargebacks and fraudulent charges, establish an account with high risk payment processors. Part of their job is to ensure there is a chargeback protection screening software that will alert you of a chargeback or fraudulent charge before the bank gets involved. This way, you won’t jeopardize your relationship with the bank.

Benefits of a High Risk Payment Processor

Finding a high risk payment processor is the next step in establishing your malware removal startup. You’ll want a reputable payment processor that accepts businesses that are high risk and in the tech support industry.

Principal benefits:

  • Payment Gateway: securing a tech support payment processor ensures that your payment gateway can accept credit and debit cards online in the safest way possible
  • Integrations: a reputable payment processor can integrate with your system seamlessly
  • Mobile Payment: mobile and wireless terminals are at your disposal with a high risk payment processor
  • Chargebacks/Fraudulent Charges: your payment processor will help you manage chargebacks and fraudulent charges so that your relationship with your bank isn’t jeopardized

There you have it! When beginning your malware removal startup, you will want the best software and the highest level of support. Set yourself up for success by carefully researching the software you use, establishing clear policies, and picking a reputable high risk payment processor.